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how to dispose of used marble counter tops | ehow

by:KingKonree     2020-04-04
Marble countertops can be a lovely addition to your home.
However, if you are renovating your kitchen or bathroom, you may think that your old marble countertops need to be replaced or that another material is more suitable for your needs and your family.
In this case, you need to handle the marble countertop properly.
When installing marble countertops, waste marble can also be used for processing.
When relevant, talk to the contractor who installed the new platform.
The contracting company may help you dispose of the old marble countertops.
Search for licensed marble and stone debris and sludge treatment facilities or licensed solid waste treatment facilities.
Online resources such as Earth911. com can help.
Type \"stone\" in the search box to find where to accept marble.
Call the factory to make sure they get permission from the state to dispose of marble.
Let them know that you have marble countertops that are classified as marble shards and make sure they accept the amount of material you have.
Transport marble countertops to facilities.
Remind them that you have pieces of marble to deal.
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