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How to identify solid wood living room furniture

by:KingKonree     2021-04-22

At present, solid wood furniture and board furniture are more common in the market. The price of solid wood furniture is relatively high, but it highlights its unique noble temperament. Therefore, solid wood furniture is favored by more people. How to choose expensive solid wood furniture Well, how can we not be deceived by unscrupulous vendors? Let's learn the tips for choosing solid wood furniture together here.

How to identify    solid wood living room furniture:

   One, purchase points to look at the wood grain and knots

  In the home store, the price difference of solid wood furniture and sheet furniture for the same dining table is more than 1,000 yuan. According to the senior shopping guide of Daming Palace Home and Building Materials City, compared with panel furniture, the special material of solid wood forms natural color difference, knots and textures. As long as you look carefully according to the introduction of the merchant, you can identify solid wood. With plates.

  Select the material: The solid wood furniture sold on the Xi’an market now uses beech, teak, maple, oak, oak, ash, birch, elm, poplar, basswood, There are more than ten kinds of pine, among which beech, oak, and ash are the most valuable, and the corresponding prices are also higher. In the choice of styles, because solid wood furniture is durable, it is wise to choose styles that are neither trendy nor outdated.

   Look at the patterns and scars: solid wood furniture has natural wood texture, a good solid wood board, you can see a pattern from the front, open the cabinet door, you can see the corresponding position Pattern. Similarly, pure solid wood boards generally have scars on the front side, and there should be scars on the other side.

   Two, three look, two touch, one press

   “Three look”: first look at the material. Generally good solid wood furniture, after opening the cabinet doors and drawers, the wood is dry and white, with clear texture, tight texture and delicate texture. At the same time, good solid wood furniture requires no pungent smell after opening the cabinet door or drawer.

  Look at the components again. When buying solid wood furniture, carefully check the stress-bearing parts of the furniture, such as the sofa legs, the columns, the load-bearing bars between the connecting columns and the ground, to ensure that there are no big scars, cracks, or cracks; check the sliding and positioning of the drawers, Open all cabinet doors and drawers, and check whether the screws at the joints of the components are fastened; whether the internal wood-based panels have been edge-sealed, and various accessories are installed with many pieces that do not leak or penetrate nails.

   Finally, it depends on the place of origin. If the moisture content of solid wood furniture is higher than 1% of the average moisture content of the area in which it is used, cracking, deformation, falling apart, and warping may occur. Therefore, it is best to buy furniture produced by brand companies with good drying technology.

  'Second touch': whether the surface is smooth, good solid wood furniture has a smooth surface without protrusions, etc.; then touch the furniture corners and other parts, if there is roughness, the paint is too thick, etc. Phenomenon, it shows that the processing technology is inferior.

  'One pressure': When selecting solid wood furniture, lightly press each stress point of the furniture, such as column corners, drawers or shelf supports, to test whether it is stable.

  3. Choose paint quality

   After the surface of the board is painted, it is called lacquer board. When selecting, pay attention to three points and three none. The three requirements are: the paint surface should be uniform, smooth and smooth (not including the chamfer). The three nos are: no paint leakage, no bubbles, and no cracks.

   Fourth, the strength of wood should be adapted to local conditions

   Generally speaking, the higher the density of wood, the greater the strength, the better the quality, and the higher the price. However, the choice of floor strength varies depending on the different parts of the floor. For example, living rooms, dining rooms, and public venues can choose high-strength varieties, such as Ipe (commonly known as Brazilian teak), clone, oak, etc., while bedrooms can choose relatively low-strength varieties, such as Fraxinus mandshurica, red oak, and beech Wait.

  5. Check the stability and safety

   observe whether there are drawers or door frames tilted, whether there is a crooked mortise eye position, or excessively large eyeholes, loose mortises, etc. The part caused by low is skewed. Wooden furniture must have safety and stability. When the two cabinet doors are opened 90 degrees, gently pull forward by hand, the cabinet body cannot automatically tilt forward; the glass of the bookcase door must be polished; the full-length mirror and The dressing table should be installed with a back panel, and the glass surface should be fixed by the bead.

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