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How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of artificial stone countertops?

by:KingKonree     2020-04-18

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Because the artificial stone marble countertops are deeply loved by people because of their unique integrity, environmental protection and rich colors, but the market is chaotic, the advantages and disadvantages are difficult to distinguish, so that consumers can't start when buying artificial stone countertops; for this, we recommend consumption. When purchasing artificial stone countertops, we should pay attention to the following aspects: First, the identification of artificial stone plates: artificial stone plates are the basis for processing and producing artificial stone countertops. Only high-quality plates are the basis for producing high-quality countertops, so consumption In the face of the purchase of the table should first select the quality of the plate; 1, the examination of the reputation of the plate production enterprise, production scale, service standards, test reports are complete; 2, surface brightness: touch the artificial stone surface with the back of the hand, hand lubrication Good lightness is good artificial stone; 3, permeability: When consumers go to the mall to buy artificial stone countertops, they can ask for a piece of artificial stone with the dealer, put a wet towel on the sample for 5 hours, and the artificial stone with poor permeability Will change color (dark color, lighter and darker), good permeability will not change color; 4, wear resistance: the same item on different artificial stone Rubbing, the scratch resistance is poor; 5, high temperature resistance: poured with artificial cooking oil on the artificial stone sample block, the discoloration is the artificial stone with poor high temperature resistance, and the color change is good for high temperature resistance. man made rock. The above items are several important parameters of artificial stone plates, which will directly affect the performance of the table. Second, the identification of processing technology of artificial stone countertops: When purchasing artificial stone countertops, the processing standard of artificial stone countertops should be obtained from the dealers, so that you can check the data after installation and acceptance; 1. Geometry: consumption In the acceptance, we should pay attention to the geometrical dimensions of the countertops in comparison with the drawings. The dimensional error should not exceed 3mm. 2. Whether there are seams: Due to the unique properties of artificial stone, there should be no obvious seams after processing and splicing; this is artificial According to the characteristics of the stone, it is misleading to say that the artificial stone countertops are seamed and seamless. 3. Wall gap: The artificial stone changes with thermal expansion and contraction with the change of climate. Therefore, there is a gap of 3-5 mm on the wall when processing, which is the normal range; 4. Surface brightness: surface light The brightness of the surface directly affects the aesthetics of the countertop and the surface decontamination ability; the surface of the artificial stone countertop should be surface polished after grinding, and the surface gloss is good and should be reflective. It is noted that there are fractional unscrupulous processors who do not carefully polish in order to save trouble, but apply oil on the countertop to make the countertop bright; 5. Whether the opening is smooth: the opening of the artificial stone countertop, the corner part should be smooth transition, no dead angle dispersion Internal stress, otherwise, internal stress concentration is easy to crack. 6. Whether the countertop is leveled: the flatness of the countertop directly affects the degree of fracture of the countertop. The countertop should be flattened as a whole, and it is impossible to pass through several mats of the mat. This countertop is most likely to be broken; the processing quality of the countertop is directly related to The overall appearance, geometric size, decontamination ability, cracking degree and other indicators of the countertop, so consumers should pay special attention to the processing quality of the processor.

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