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How to identify the pros and cons of artificial stone for cabinet countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-04-22

Artificial stone cabinet countertops have strong plasticity, rich colors and small color difference. Artificial stone is widely used in cabinet countertops. However, due to the variety of artificial stone countertops and different materials, even the same type of artificial stone countertops will have the effect It may also be very different. Today, I will explain in detail the classification of artificial stone materials and the difference between medium and low-grade artificial stone countertops, reminding consumers that after determining the type of artificial stone countertops, they should choose the corresponding brand of artificial stone according to their specific needs.

  Identification of artificial stone tips:

  1, the back of the plate is printed with a code

   each artificial stone manufacturer has its own bar code , Every artificial stone plate has a computer inkjet code on the back, which is automatically printed by the computer when it leaves the factory. Now I haven’t heard of which manufacturer I dare to spray the number of other manufacturers privately (coloring is not illegal, spraying other people’s Trademarks and so on are illegal) So it is the most straightforward method to look at the printed code under the countertop.

  2, dilute hydrochloric acid test method

   This method is suitable for distinguishing whether artificial stone contains calcium powder. Because the cost of calcium powder artificial stone is very low, the selling price is not low. Many profiteers are very I am happy to use calcium powder countertops as pure aluminum powder or even acrylic countertops. Chemically, calcium powder (that is, the chemical composition of lime powder is calcium carbonate) will produce bubbles when it encounters acidic substances, so just pour the acidic liquid on the countertop to know if your house is inferior artificial stone. Pour dilute hydrochloric acid. If there is no reaction on the top, it does not contain calcium powder. When the dilute hydrochloric acid is poured, a large number of bubbles are generated immediately, indicating that it contains calcium powder. Or household toilet cleaners can also be used, and the performance of the countertop will not be affected after the trial.

  Artificial stone countertops maintenance:

  Artificial stone countertops are easy to repair. After scratches or stains infiltrate, you can ask specialized maintenance personnel to polish and polish That is, you can also use special water sandpaper to polish it yourself. When there are cracks, generally use the stone (stone decoration renderings) to glue and then polish.

   In order to avoid the trouble of repairing, always pay attention to maintenance. When placing the tableware, handle it gently, without dragging, and put the heat insulation pad; keep the countertop clean at all times, wipe off the dirt with a damp cloth in time, and then Wipe the countertop with a dry cloth to prevent stains from penetrating into the countertop. It is best to place a gasket under the liquid seasoning bottle to prevent the remaining liquid on the bottle from corroding the countertop; place heavy objects evenly and do not cut vegetables directly on the countertop. And use a suitable chopping board. Pay attention to moisture and polish and wax regularly. It is recommended that consumers use artificial stone countertops for two or three months, first wipe the surface clean with a rag, and then wipe the countertop with a sponge dipped in floor wax, let it dry for 5-10 minutes, and then perform a second waxing. The countertop is as bright as new.

  A simple way to identify the quality of artificial stone:

  1. Look at the appearance: first check whether the surface particles are uniform in color, and if there are any particles, see if they are Can vaguely see the particles in the next layer, the more clearly you see, the better.

  2. Look at the thickness: The standard thickness of artificial stone should be 1.27mm thick, and the quality of it can't even reach 1mm (but some brands of artificial stone are not this standard).

  3. Look at the cutting piece: The small piece (with a thickness of 2 mm) cut by the worker on-site installation to see if it is flexible. The better the flexibility and toughness, the better the quality and the higher the price. (The composition of artificial stone contains resin, the content of resin directly affects its cost and price, and the smell of plastic will be smelled when cutting)

   4. Look at the glue: Big brands of artificial stone have special glue for installation. There are signs on the glue.

   5. Look at the back anti-counterfeiting: The back anti-counterfeiting of the big brand artificial stone is printed with inkjet codes, and the general low-priced boards are 'covered' with a stamp.

   hope that the introduction of the article can help the owners who are about to renovate, and make the new home decoration exquisite and warm. I wish everyone a happy life.

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