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how to install a bathroom sink drain

by:KingKonree     2020-03-05
The bathroom sink drain will deteriorate over time and need to be replaced or new drain will be added such as the built-in drain
In the sink of the bathroom vanity, the sink drain may need to be installed.
You don\'t need special tools for this task, and almost anyone with their own hands-on experience can do it.
Any hardware store has ready-made parts and supplies.
Clean under the sink first so you have enough work space.
Under the sink you will see that the drain pipe is actually connected to the trap, which is the U-shaped part of a pipe supported by a compression cap.
Loosen the lid to slide the pipe out and leave.
Use pliers or wrenches to loosen the nut on the lower side of the sink that holds the drain pipe in place and remove the drain pipe.
Before installing the new drain pipe, take a little plumber putty and roll between the palms so that it forms a \"snake\" Putty long enough to wrap around the drain pipe.
Press the putty to the lower side of the new drain flange and insert the drain into the sink.
When the flange is tightened, the plumber putty will be squeezed out from around the drain flange.
You can delete the excess later.
Next, fix the drain pipe from the lower side to the sink by installing large washers and nuts.
Tighten it with your hands as much as possible, then snuggle everything together with a wrench or pliers.
Be careful not to overtighten as you may break the sink.
Make sure the drain tail piece is installed correctly in the trap and tighten the compression cover there.
Insert the lever of the pop-up drain through the back of the tap and insert the pop-up drain into the drain.
Under the sink insert the pop-up drain control stick into the back of the drain tail sheet.
Then tighten the fixing nut as shown in the figure.
Finally, connect the pop-up lever to the control rod as shown.
Clean and test the putty of all plumbers.
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