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how to install a bathroom sink drain assembly

by:KingKonree     2020-10-23
The bathroom sink drain assembly is part of the drain that delivers the old water to the sewer system in your home.
The visible part of the drain at the bottom of the sink is called the flange.
Attached to the flange from below is a straight pipe called the tail piece.
There is a curved pipe section between the tail and the sewer entrance, called P-trap.
Installing the bathroom sink drain assembly requires these components to be connected together in the correct order.
Clean the bottom of the bathroom sink drain, especially the area around the drain opening.
A clean surface helps the drain to adhere better.
Remove any mold or mildew using a bathroom cleaner and rag.
Scrape any old caulking or putty with an putty knife.
Put the drainage flange upside down so that the bottom is up.
Insert the silicone caulking agent into the caulking gun.
Trim the end to a mark of 45-1/1/8degree angle.
Apply a circle of caulking around the underside of the flange.
Turn the right side of the flange up and push it into the drain opening.
Keep holding this with one hand.
Together with your other, insert the tail piece from the lower side of the sink into the thread at the bottom of the flange.
Slide the rubber gasket and the fixing nut over the end of the tail piece.
Tighten the fixing nut with pliers.
Take a piece of steel wool and clean the thread on the wall tail and sewer entrance.
Wrap the thread with adhesive tape from the non-stick plumber.
Make at least one complete circuit around the thread, and then trim any excess parts with scissors. Slip the P-
Set traps between the tailboard and the sewer entrance.
Tighten the coupling with pliers (on metal pipes)or by hands (PVC).
According to the manufacturer\'s specifications, leave time for the caulking in the drain to dry.
Open the water.
Check if there is a leak in the sink.
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