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how to install a pedestal sink

by:KingKonree     2020-10-24
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The bathroom base sink is a sink placed on a separate porcelain that acts as a leg and helps to secure it in place.
The base is also used to hide the water supply line and drain pipe.
Base sink is the right choice for smaller bathrooms with limited space or old houses decorated with classic or historical themes.
While the base sink can get into your pipe more easily if there is a problem, there is a downside.
Because of their design, they are not allowed to have a lot of counter space, and they are not allowed to have any space to store in the cabinets below.
As a result, most homeowners choose to place base sinks in half bathrooms or dressing rooms that do not require a lot of storage space.
However, if there is no space in your bathroom and you like the look and these types of sinks, you can of course solve the shortage of built-in sinks
There are separate shelves and storage of towels and toiletries for cabinets.
The base sink is usually sold in two separate sections, the sink and the base.
Keep this in mind when looking in a store or online so you can understand that the price you see may only be one.
They are rarely sold or boxed together because they are heavy.
If you don\'t need to do any new plumbing, remove an old sink and dresser and replace it with a new base sink, it will take most people a day to get it done.
The cost of this project can range from $200 to $500 depending on the type of sink you choose.
Usually, the only tools needed to complete this project are Basin wrenches, channel pliers, putty knives, screwdrivers, hacksaws and caulking guns.
Measure the height of any existing structure before you go to the home improvement store to buy the sink (if any)
On the wall, such as any recessed rack, toothbrush or soap rack on the wall.
Because the parts are heavy and it is sometimes difficult to handle sitting in the proper position, it is likely that you will need someone to help you install the sink and base.
Removing the old sink and VanityRemoving removing the old sink and vanity can become easy or more difficult depending on what you have to deal with and how much space you have to work in
Chances are you\'ll have to dive into the dresser, remove the drain and water supply, and disconnect the trap.
At this stage, a good channel clamp will come in handy.
Loosen the nut at the top of the trap under the drain.
Loosen the nut on the supply line.
Plug a rag in the drain that flows out of the wall to prevent sewer gas from entering your home.
Check if there are any old sealing gaps between the sink or dresser and the wall.
If so, break the seal with putty knife.
Now that all the drain and power cords are disconnected, you can lift the sink from the dresser and The Dresser becomes lighter when it leaves the wall.
It also allows you to enter the wall from the top, where it may be easier to loosen the bolts that are fixed on the wall of the bathroom.
In case the sink is out of the way, look for any bolts used to secure the dresser on the wall nail or running plates attached to the wall nail.
There should be nothing else to keep vanity.
With an assistant, pull it out carefully and make sure you don\'t damage the walls.
Put it in the garage.
US standard 0403800.
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Prepare the area for the new base SinkMost bathroom with tile floors and walls, but if you are working on a half bath or dressing room, you may have to repair the drywall behind the dresser before proceeding
Check the walls for any defects and make repairs as needed.
This step is especially important because the base sink and stand will expose more wall area than the vanity you remove.
You may need to repair, Polish, renovate and paint the drywall.
If you have tile walls, the preparation will be much faster unless you break or break any tiles when removing the old components.
If this is the case, you need to cut out the mud from the broken or broken tile, break it, then remove the debris from the wall and replace it.
The most difficult part of fixing these two types of walls may be to find paint that matches the existing walls, or to find additional tiles that match them.
However, if that part of the wall is to be exposed, you have to solve this problem now.
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The wall bracket connecting the sinkpedetta sink has two support methods.
The sink itself is attached to the wall stand and then placed on the porcelain seat.
However, the main support will come from the wall support, so it is critical to handle this part properly.
The wall column must be supported by the Wall column.
Considering that the base sink must be in the center of an existing drain, it is difficult to hide it.
Follow the manufacturer\'s advice on the appropriate height for installation of sinks and brackets.
Measure up from the floor and fix the bracket where it should go.
Mark that hole through the bracket.
It is important to locate these holes precisely, however, it does allow some adjustments once the assembly is in place.
If you are mounted on drywall and studs and the holes do not match, you will need to install a thin piece of wood horizontally attached to the studs and then attach the stand to the horizontal level.
If you mount the bracket to the tile wall, pass it through with the masonry bit on the electric drill.
Insert the toggle bolt.
Use screws with wall brackets to attach them to the wall through holes on the tile or wood cross board.
Place the bracket as high as possible in the hole and tighten it in place.
Place the base on the drain.
The manufacturer will recommend a proper distance from the wall.
Lower the sink to the end seat so it can hook to the stand on the wall.
There is a hole in the base and it can be fixed on the floor.
Mark the floor through these holes.
Mark the wall through the anchor holes behind the sink basin.
Now remove the sink and base and tighten the screws.
Drill two more holes through other holes on the bracket and install the toggle bolt (if necessary).
When the sink is placed, install the sink and base, install the new faucet on the top, and install the new drain on the bottom.
Credit: Open the source code through Wikimedia CommonsPut Teflon tape at the bottom of the drain tail and water supply pipe.
Make sure to purchase power lines of the appropriate length to minimize the number of unused connections to the wall to the sink.
Insert the tail piece of the sink into the drain hole and then thread the flange from the top.
If the sink comes with pop-
Up drain, it\'s time to assemble it as per the manufacturer\'s instructions.
Connect the trap to the tail piece from the bottom of the sink.
Fix the base, place the sink basin on the base against the wall, and slowly lower it to the bracket hook on the wall.
Drive the screws by hand through the holes on the back of the basin.
Be careful not to overdo-
Tighten, otherwise the porcelain may break.
Wrap the Teflon tape around the shut-off valve and connect the water supply line.
Turn on the water supply system, turn on the tap, and the water will enter the drain when you check for water leakage.
Finally, apply silicone caulking around the bottom of the base and the edge of the sink touching the wall. KOHLER K-2359-8-
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Summary if everything goes as planned, you should do it in less than a day.
If this is the first time you have installed this type of sink, please take your time and follow the instructions above carefully.
If you do not need to relocate the water supply and drainage to another area, there is no need for special plumbing technology for this particular project.
In this case, call the plumber because it is a difficult job.
However, you should be able to do it by yourself and create the look you want with minimal effort and money.
Buy some shelves with the money you save to store towels or larger items as the sink space is limited.
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