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how to install a rough-in for a pedestal sink

by:KingKonree     2020-10-20
The base sink is appealing, especially in a small bathroom with no room for a large vanity --
Style sink with lockers.
Base sinks usually have delicate decorative bowls, but they are all placed on pillars that hide water pipes and drain pipes.
The sink Bowl is usually fixed on the wall.
Preparing to install the base sink involves a \"rough pipe\" that runs the basic water supply and drainage pipe to where it can be properly connected to the sink.
If the sink is a replacement, the wall needs to be opened to expose the bolt.
By installing 2-install \"blocking\" between bolts on the wall\"by-4-
Bowl mounting height of the inch plate between bolts;
The sink will be fixed on the barrier strip.
For this specific distance, please refer to the instructions for the sink, which will vary in the sink.
Use a hammer or screw gun to nail or screw the blocking bar onto the nail.
Check the sink instructions for the height of the water supply and drain.
Use white PVC (PVC)
Pipes for drainage and copper pipes for water supply.
Connect them to the main supply and drainage pipes in the basement or crawl space.
Fix PVC with PVC cement and cleaning agent: Slide the cleaning agent around the part of the PVC accessory, then apply the cement to the two pieces of PVC, twist them together, fix them for a few seconds to set the cement.
For copper, weld the end of the pipe together: clean both ends of the pipe with fine sandpaper, spread the flux on the pipe, and slide them together.
Heat the joint with a propane torch until the solder begins to melt and then run the solder around the seam.
By drilling holes on the wall cover, a water supply pipe is laid 2 inch metres above the wall surface.
Extend the drain pipe level to about 1 feet and pass through the wall.
Find the distance from the center of the sink drain to the wall and mark the distance on the PVC drain. Hold a P-
An elbow trap marked as the center, and a steel saw is used to cut the drain pipe at that position.
Make a square cut carefully.
Weld the closing valve to the water supply line coming out of the wall.
Once set in place, keep the end open and connect the water pipe from the sink. Fasten the P-
Drain trap with compression connector on trap;
They have plastic or rubber washers that compress when the mounting nut is tightened, seal the joint.
Make sure P-
The trap connection is the level that meets the drain pipe from the wall and ensures that the vertical opening at the other end is properly connected to the sink drain.
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