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how to install and maintain your own kitchen countertops

by:KingKonree     2020-04-05
Kitchen decoration is an arduous and expensive task.
But if you learn to do some maintenance and installation on your own, it can really reduce costs.
You don\'t have to be. or Mrs. Fix-
Or, all you need is some power tools, and maybe some advice from the local hardware store.
If you can install the materials for kitchen countertops by yourself, the cost will be quite low.
Most desktop companies try to pull wool into your eyes, sell you so-called \"top\" materials, and charge you installation fees.
Most of their profits come from installing countertops rather than materials, so learning how to do it yourself is a financially friendly idea.
You can get your materials, whether granite, Corian, or laminate, cut for your specifications and save to do yourself.
How to install your kitchen countertop in the following tutorial, I assume you have measured the \"bottom\" of the countertop.
Whether it\'s on a solid surface or on the top of the cabinet.
Once you have the size, you should cut your material to the right size.
You can do it yourself, if you have expertise or have a professional to do the material you ordered.
When measuring materials, any type of drape must be taken into account.
After these two things are done, you can start reading this installation guide.
First, dry your countertop material.
This means carefully bringing it in and putting it on top of the surface on which you are going to place it.
This will help you determine whether everything is cut and fitted properly before applying an adhesive to permanently place it.
Level must be used to determine whether the surface is flat or not.
If it\'s not uniform, you may need to do some polishing at your base.
Now it\'s time to stick the countertops.
Depending on the material used, most material manufacturers recommend the use of adhesives.
For stone countertops, you need to use silica gel adhesives, so keep this in mind.
Before applying the adhesive, it is better to move the door and drawer to any cabinet on the base.
This will make manipulation easier.
Brush or squeeze(
Depending on the adhesive)
Put your material at the bottom of the counter.
Make sure it\'s not bent and check if it\'s level.
There is a small swing space between the material and the surface it adheres to, so please check it immediately.
Knock the back with a rubber hammer to press it down and expel bubbles from the adhesive.
Now is the time to seal seams.
Once your countertop is in place, seal the seams with color-matched silicone sealant.
This will ensure that the liquid does not penetrate, corrode anything or produce mold.
Seal where your countertop material touches the base and wall.
If you use stone, such as granite, you need to spray a layer of sealant.
Other stones need this too, but laminates don\'t need to be sprayed on sealants.
After the sealant around the edge is dried, you can use the Exacto knife to trim any outstretched edge. You don\'t have to worry about sticking it up a bit after smearing. And presto!
Your kitchen countertop has been installed.
Replace drawers and cabinet doors in the base and celebrate.
Installation of simple kitchen cabinets: including supporting steps-by-
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