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How to install sanitary ware

by:KingKonree     2021-05-17

Sanitary ware mainly includes bathtub, toilet, bathroom cabinet and so on. The installation of these sanitary wares will directly affect the future use and the aesthetics of the bathroom. How to install sanitary ware? What are the precautions for sanitary ware installation?

1. When installing, determine the location of water pipes and wires according to the waterway and circuit diagram. Be sure to avoid water pipes and wires to prevent breaking the water pipes. Disconnect the wires.

2. When installing on the surface of the ceramic tile, first use a glass drill to penetrate the ceramic tile, or use a steel nail or hammer to gently knock the ceramic tile through, and then use an electric hammer to empty it to avoid Break the tiles.

3. The tools should not directly touch the hardware during installation. They should be wrapped with a clean soft cloth before tightening.

4. For various faucets or mixers, try to install stainless steel covers.

5. Before installing the shower room and bathtub, make sure to reserve power.

6. When installing the toilet, do not fill the bottom with cement to prevent the toilet from bursting, apply the matching cement, and then put glass glue on the periphery.

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