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how to keep your hair tools clean - times of india

by:KingKonree     2020-10-18
If you regularly style your hair, you need to maintain your hair.
Here are a few tips.
Learn to store tools correctly.
Instead of scattering them in your bedroom, store them on your bathroom sink.
So they don\'t have access to dust, water, etc.
Stay away from them when you don\'t use them.
Wipe the hair tool clean with a damp cloth.
Once a week is enough.
Don\'t do this when the tool is hot.
While it will take only a few minutes, it will really extend the life of your kit.
When you are styling your hair, if you are using a hair iron, use the minimum heat setting on the tool.
This can not only prevent hair damage, but also protect the tools.
If the wet cloth does not help the cleaning tool, you can use a stronger cleaner, such as alcohol, rub on the cotton pad, and wipe the washing tool.
This will help to remove any dirt or residue accumulated on the device.
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