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How to maintain cabinet countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-04-22

   The most frequently used furniture in the kitchen is the cabinet, and the cabinet with the highest utilization rate is the countertop of the cabinet. The furniture that is frequently used is prone to wear and tear, and the furniture that is worn out needs to be repaired, and repairs require funds. Reducing the capital cost of a piece of furniture can be accomplished through the usual maintenance of the furniture.

  How to maintain cabinet countertops

  Five common sense of maintaining cabinet countertops:

   keep boring

   countertops There are wooden countertops or marble countertops. Regarding wooden countertops, water erosion should be reduced as much as possible. Prolonged soaking of the countertop will cause the countertop to deform. Marble countertops may not be beautiful due to scale and bleach.

  Prevent touch chemicals

  A variety of chemical products are excellent results of industrial production. They make everyone's life easier, and if they are not used properly, they will cause trouble in normal days. Marble countertops easily react with acid and alkali and then affect the service life and power usage. If the cleaning agent on the countertop of the cabinet is accidentally spilled on the surface, it should be rinsed immediately with plenty of soapy water. If the nail polish is used, it can be scrubbed with alcohol and then rinsed with water.

  The load cannot be overweight

   Do not place heavy objects that the table can’t bear. The pressure on the table should not be too high, and a certain amount of objects and countertops are required The touch area cannot be too small. For this meal, considering the impact of thermal expansion and contraction on the countertop, it is not possible to let the countertop suddenly become cold after being heated in a short period of time, or suddenly heated after being cold, which will cause the countertop to burst.

  The corrosiveness of the cleaning agent should be restricted

  The table surface is easily corroded by chemicals, so the corrosive cleaning agent should also be excluded. Soapy water or ammonia-based cleaners will do.

  Scratch treatment

  The countertop will inevitably have some scratches during use. More serious scratches will inevitably have a great impact on beauty, and it is not easy It is best to ask professionals to deal with it. For the finer white scratches, wipe it lightly with a dry cloth moistened with cooking oil.

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