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how to make a ceramic tile vanity top

by:KingKonree     2020-03-20
Redecorating the bathroom doesn\'t mean you need to install expensive products.
It\'s easy to cover the existing vanity with tiles.
Even for the double sink vanity, there are no more tiles than you need, and you may be able to find enough for sale at the tile shop and home improvement center at the closing price.
Remove the old sink and plumbing fixtures before you start making the tile vanity.
Removing the top of the old vanity may have a layer of silicone cauldron fixing it on the wall, or it may be on the countertop.
Be careful to clear the old cauldron.
You don\'t want to damage the walls or cabinets.
The old vanity may have screws fixed in place. Remove them.
The old dresser was ready to go out for disposal.
Ready the base, now that you have exposed the base cabinet, it is time to cut the plywood for the base.
Two floors 3/4-
The inch plywood fixed on the base with deck screws provides a solid vanity.
A layer of cement back plate at the top of the plywood is kept thin
Infiltrate the mortar from the plywood and damage it.
You also need to cut a hole in the sink.
You can track around the receiver or use the template that comes with it for mode.
Jigsaw puzzle is an ideal tool for cutting the hole in the sink.
Before installing the tiles, place the tiles on the countertop in the pattern you plan to use.
It\'s a good idea to center the tiles when you face vanity.
Cutting tiles can be done along the end and back.
Porcelain tile cutters and tile cutters are short work to trim the tiles to suit the needs.
When you figure out where the tiles are, stack the tiles in the order you plan to set them up. Spread thin-
Mix the mortar with a notch spatula in the consistency of mashed potatoes on the front and side of the dresser.
It is also a good idea to apply mortar on the back of these tiles.
Once you have the edge tiles set up, place the mortar on a flat surface and place the tiles in place.
Let them dry all night before continuing.
By pushing the grouting into the seam between the tiles, the grouting tiles complete the project.
Grouting float is convenient for this project or you can use your fingers.
After the grouting dries for about 30 minutes, wipe any grout on the tile with a wet sponge.
Let the mud dry overnight, then wipe any smoke left on the tile.
After a few days of grouting curing, you can apply a sealant to the tile.
Once the mud dries, you can install the sink and pipe fixtures to complete the project. References (2)
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