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how to make a vanity top in a bathroom

by:KingKonree     2020-03-11
The washbasin is used to hold the washbasin, and there is also a counter.
This is used in the bathroom where the sink is not installed on the wall or fixed by the base.
The countertop can be made of a variety of materials such as wood, granite, terrazzo, medium density fiber board or concrete.
The cost of the material will determine the choice of use.
The wood is easy to use, but is limited by the absorption of moisture, so the service life may not be long.
Other materials are waterproof.
The top of the dresser has a slot suitable for the basin.
This was cut to put the bowl under.
Some hand basins can be fixed above the top and there are only holes cut by the pipe below.
So before buying the basin, it\'s important to know how vanity top got married to it.
When building a bathroom, the designer should embed the washbasin into the wall.
This will allow only the front to be opened, thus having a storage space below.
This may be closed.
They can be made from medium-density optical fiber boards or any other suitable material.
The wash basin area is marked as the location where the pipe is located.
To carry the top of the dresser, a frame structure of a medium density optical fiber board is formed.
This is made for single or double hand basins.
For a single vanity, the size is about 2 feet long and one and a half feet wide.
The granite top is placed on the frame and cut into a prominent part suitable for 2 inch.
After measuring, then use the card plate template of the basin bowl to mark the position of the basin.
Then cut a hole in the granite.
After cutting the basin position on the granite vanity, fix it on the frame using the appropriate adhesive.
This granite is glued to the frame and after a day of drying the basin is placed and fixed.
Then connect and test the pipe.
The compartment under the dresser is then covered by two doors.
This also allows the repair of the bottle sleeve in case of blockage or repair.
To prevent water seepage, the basin is fixed on granite with silicon.
Then clean the dresser thoroughly and get ready to use after a day.
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