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How to match the floor to a better effect

by:KingKonree     2021-04-25

   Broadly speaking, a platform is a piece of platform that is nailed to the ground. Couches, tables, tables, beds, kangs and even futons can also be regarded as platforms. It can also be said that the design of the floor in the home is very common, but the design of the floor is not simple, and it needs a delicate collocation to show its temperament. So, how should the platform be matched?

  How to match the floor to a better effect

  1. The interior design of the floor is generally within 20 cm, solid wood, solid material, fabric, Rattan, bamboo, reed mat, glass, etc. can all be made. At present, most of the platforms are constructed with wooden keels, light bricks and light steel keels.

  2. In the indoor space, it is necessary to establish a distinctly different style, and other three-dimensional partitions such as glass partitions, curtain partitions, wall partitions, etc. are not suitable, you can consider building a platform. For example, in a large space, you want to divide it into 3 areas, and the use of curtains and other methods may lead to dim light, you can consider building a platform to raise the middle of some areas to achieve the purpose of separating the space. Compared with other partition methods, the platform is not only low in cost, does not damage the patency of the space, and does not affect the lighting, it is easy to emphasize the main and auxiliary space.

   3. The form of the platform depends on the room and location, and it can appear anywhere in the house. In addition, the platform can have various geometric patterns, square, round, one-layer, two-layer, three-layer, etc., with free forms and various combinations. In addition to dividing the space, the platform also has a storage function.

  The fashion trend of platform collocation

  1. The first function of the platform is to distinguish space. In the integrated space of the living room and dining room, if you build a platform, you can divide the living room and dining room in terms of size, height, and form. In a living room with floor-to-ceiling windows without a balcony, if you make a platform, you can not only rest on the platform, but also dry clothes to create a casual corner, which is clearly different from the style of the living room.

  2. The most important thing is that the platform can make good use of the situation and create an atmosphere. Such as tea room, study room, chess room, etc., the use of the platform can create the corresponding nature and atmosphere visually. The platform can also be protected from damp, and it has a blocking effect on water vapor. Making a platform on a concrete floor with heavy moisture is good for your health. However, due to uneven ground, the platform is potentially harmful to the elderly and children, and compared to other partitions, the spatial division of the platform is not particularly strong.

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