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how to measure for kitchen countertops

by:KingKonree     2020-03-24
Kitchen countertops can change the overall look of the kitchen, ranging from cheap to expensive.
Regardless of the budget, you would like to have accurate measurements in order to purchase enough countertop materials to complete the project correctly without increasing the cost.
Here are the measurements you need to make for the kitchen countertop.
Draw the layout of the kitchen with tape measure and pencil, including countertop, tailgate, sink and island location, and electrical location.
Use this to record the measurement.
Use a tape measure to measure each part of the table in inches.
Measure the length of the point from the end of the counter to the beginning of the wall or the lower part of the countertop.
Measure the depth of each part from behind the wall or counter to the front.
For the kitchen, you can measure from one end of the counter to the other.
For the \"L\" or \"U\" shape layout, you will split it into rectangular sections in each corner. Calculate odd-
By measuring from the longest point portrait and the longest point depth, the part or corner of the shape.
Imagine that this strange thing might help.
A square or rectangular part.
If you keep this feature on the countertop, the actual shape will be recreated during installation.
Measure the length and height of the tailgate.
This will help ensure that you estimate the required materials (
Tiles, wallpaper, paint)
For the wall behind the counter.
Calculate the area of each part by multiplying the length by depth.
Add the area of all parts to determine the total square inches.
Divide the total square inch by 144 to determine the square foot.
Multiply the square foot by the Retail square foot price of the countertop to determine the estimated cost of the required material.
As the Carpenter likes to say when measuring: \"Measure twice, cut once \".
Too much is better than not enough.
With your own measurements, you can control your remodeling budget.
Do not order countertop materials from a rough estimate.
If you are not sure how to measure the table top layout correctly, get the service of a professional.
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