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how to mill a perfect circle in corian to make a vacuum seal for a wood kiln

by:KingKonree     2020-02-14
I\'m building a vacuum kiln to dry wood.
It is made of 12 \"PVC tube\"--
See how to make a big hole in a large PVC pipe. I use a solid surface counter. -
Corian is the top material because it is not porous and has relatively high strength. 1 \"Thick plates do not deform/fail. (crack shatter)
In a vacuum.
You can stick it together and weld it with epoxy glue so that it\'s strong.
My first attempt to end the kiln was a failure.
I had to go back to the drawing board to learn how to use the new tool of vertical mill. ---
360 degree table.
It is so versatile that I want to be a guide to it.
My first solution was to get some 18 \"1/4 diameter\" rubber pieces and glue them to a \"thick Corian\" which I think would be a charm!
At first glance, it seems to work.
Unfortunately, the vacuum pump I used was so powerful that it pulled rubber from Corian when it was below 28 inches of mercury.
I decided that I would take another road. --
I need to make a huge O. -
Ring 1/2 \"channel into Corian and match with 12\" PVC pipe.
This is not a helpful job. -held router.
The solution is to use a vertical mill and mill accessories so that you can make a perfect circle. --the 360 table!
I don\'t know how powerful the 360 degree table is until I need to do this part.
This table allows you to rotate objects around the center-
Point to the set degree.
If you want to do it, you can also make a complete cycle.
This is the ideal choice for what I want to do.
Sometimes I say I want to write--
On my tombstone it says \"Nothing is difficult in the world\".
TechShop has a vertical grinder that can accommodate parts of the normal size of the machine. --4 -
Ten inches, no problem.
When you start trying to use the 12x12 widget, the problem is that you need to create a suppression extender for the table.
If you look at the silver plate under Corian, you will find that it is aluminum.
Fortunately, I could borrow one from another TechShop member who had already made one. --
So I don\'t have to do it.
That\'s the magic of TechShop. --
If they don\'t, you can succeed.
Sometimes, another member already has. --
This is a great community! Thanks Tony! !
Use digital readout(DRO)
On a milling machine, you can determine exactly where the X-axis of the milling machine is.
I identified the center of Corian Square and zero the DRO.
12 \"The wall thickness of the pipeline is slightly less than 1/2\".
The ID of the pipeline is 11.
87 \"Outer diameter is 12. 75.
I put the 1/2 bit into the chuck and move the workbench so that the DRO reading is 6.
This makes the inner edge of 1/2 \"bit less than 12\" circle 1/4 \".
Then move the X axis and add 0.
2 \"To DRO readings.
You turn the black handle of the table to move it.
After putting the bit into Corian 1/8 and ensuring the correct cutting position, I grinded out a 1/2 channel.
Then I had to move X. -
The difference was added to the incision to fit the wall thickness of the PVC pipe.
This is the second cut using a 1/2 \"drill bit.
The last step is to use 1/8 ball end milling cutter to form 1/16 deep groove in the center of 1/2 groove. (
1/8 \"Half of Ball Mill\".
The reason is O-
The diameter of ring material is 1/8 \".
Use a mill to make this work very accurate.
It took me two hours to figure it out for the first time.
The second one took me 15 minutes.
Skill comes from practice!
I also have a small 12-inch tube that I can use to ensure that the width of the pipe fits the pipe.
The hard part is done!
I ordered 10\'soft fluorine rubber O-line, 1/8\"wide.
139 \"Real width, part number 7643K75, from McMaster-Carr. It\'s $2. 61 a foot.
They sell at 3 feet and 10 feet in length.
I need enough to make two.
10\'seems to be the right number.
I overlapped O. -
Ring material in the channel and make sure I have the right length.
I also overlapped the material and cut it into an angle.
I glued fluororubber to Corian with a small amount of RTV silicone.
This part is very charming!
I can increase the vacuum of mercury by 1.
This is very important!
I did it in the technology store.
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