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how to refinish & paint a cultured marble sink

by:KingKonree     2020-02-19
A cultural marble sink is usually built with a single piece of a cultural marble counter.
Patching the sink usually requires you to patch the countertop as well.
Artificial Marble is different from other solid surfaces.
After the counter, the texture and color of the cultivated marble are not the same.
The top of the sink and counter is painted with a cultural marble substance.
Therefore, artificial marble cannot be repaired like other solid surfaces.
Paint is an option when repairing artificial marble.
Prepare the surface before painting.
Remove and leave the faucet from the sink area.
Thoroughly clean the sink with trisodium phosphate (TSP).
Scrub with a sponge and remove all soap residue and other residues.
The teaspoon will also dim the surface of the marble so that the epoxy primer is better adhered to the cultured marble.
Pour a small amount of water on the sink and counter.
Polish the surface with 220 sandpaper.
For a more uniform finish, track Sander is used.
Replace the sandpaper on the track Sander with 400 sand.
Wet the sink and counter again.
Continue grinding and gradually increase from 400 sandpaper to 800 sandpaper until the surface is smooth.
Wipe the polished dust with a sticky cloth.
Dip the good quality brush into the epoxy primer.
Move the brush in one direction only.
Paint the whole sink and counter with a thin layer of paint.
Do not add feathers to the brush at the end of the stroke.
Let the first coat dry.
Run a 1,000 sandpaper underwater.
Gently buffer any defects in the paint operation using light pressure.
Wipe the dust with a damp rag.
Apply a second layer epoxy primer.
Allow the primer to dry and look for defects in the paint.
Remove the flaw with fine sand paper.
Let the sink and reverse heal for two days.
Soak clean brushes with a transparent polyurethane finish.
Apply two to three layers of thin topcoat to the sink and counter.
Before applying the next piece, let each coat dry to the touch.
Let the polyurethane dry for seven days before using the sink and counter.
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