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how to replace bathroom vanity lights going from one light to two lights

by:KingKonree     2020-03-05
Lighting is important in the bathroom, especially on the dresser, so you can see yourself in the mirror.
If your vanity light contains only one bulb, you can replace a single light fixture with two lamps and get extra light.
As with any project involving electricity, be cautious.
Power off the lights of the main electrical panel in the home.
Test the light by turning the switch on and off.
Remove the bulb and test the circuit again with the voltage tester.
If you have a reading, go back to the electrical panel and turn off the correct circuit.
Unscrew the lamp and pull it off the wall.
Disconnect the wiring from the fixture and tie the cable to the wall so that it does not fall into the cavity on the wall.
Find a wall post near each location where the new fixture will be installed and mark the location.
Trace a circular electric box on the wall next to the bolt that installs the lamp.
Cut a hole in the wall with a drywall saw at each location.
Cut a cable of 12/2 between two holes.
Strip 2 inch of the sheath from the cable with a wire stripping clamp, and Peel 1/2 of the insulation from each wire in the cable.
Hit the elimination hole on the back of the appliance box.
Arrive inside the hole you cut on the wall dry wall between the light switch and the original light fixture hole, and grab the cable of the light fixture.
Remove the tape that holds the end of the cable to the wall and pass it through the holes of the new fixture.
Stick it to the wall under the new hole.
Pass the second cable through the wall so that the holes of the new fixture will be extended at both ends.
Slide the cable over one of the electrical boxes and screw the electrical box onto the Bolt of the first hole.
Repeat this on another hole (
There is only one cable on the second hole).
Cut a cable 3 to 4 inch long and remove the black and white wire from the cable.
Install the wiring of the first lamp.
Connect the black wire drawn from the light switch to one end of the black short wire with a plastic connector cap, and then repeat this operation with a white wire.
Connect the bare copper wire on the cable with the connector cover.
Connect the loose end of the short black line to the brass screw on the fixture, connect the loose end of the short white line to the silver screw on the fixture.
If the connection of the fixture is different, please follow the manufacturer\'s instructions.
Clamp the wire in the electric box and install the fixture on the wall.
Install the second fixture by connecting the black and white wires to the correct screws on the fixture.
Connect the bare copper wire to the ground screw in the electrical box.
Plug the wire into the box and install the fixture on the wall.
Twist the bulb into the fixture.
Restore the circuit power and test the lighting.
Patch the holes on the wall from the old fixture.
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