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how to restore stainless steel sinks

by:KingKonree     2020-04-01
Stainless steel sink was introduced to the mid-term American home20th century.
They are affordable, lightweight and almost unbreakable.
However, keeping the new look of the stainless steel sink can cause problems, especially when it is hardwater areas.
Dissolved minerals in the water cause stripes, spots, and dull film on the sink.
Hard water amplified the reaction of acid and salt in the food.
You can solve these problems with some simple products and restore the finish of the stainless steel sink.
Clear lime and hard limewater build-
Soak a piece of cloth with vinegar and place it in the lime area for no more than 30 minutes.
It will soften the scale of the building.
So you can scrub it off.
Rinse the sink thoroughly. Remove hard-
Wipe the sink with vinegar, then rinse and wipe dry, the water will stripe.
Gently wash the stainless steel sink with a very gentle cleaner, such as baking soda, Bon Ami, a friend of the bartender or guest. Lime-
Go to the kitchen
Greasers and other chemicals can leave a black mark on stainless steel and can be removed with a gentle abrasive and some elbow grease.
For sinks with brushed faces, scrub along the direction of the grain.
Rinse thoroughly after scrubbing.
Remove rust from a sponge or cloth with a small amount of lighter liquid.
Wipe the rust again until it disappears.
Scrub with cleanser and rinse thoroughly.
Once the sink is clean, restore the surface with a commercial repair product or a normal car polish.
Use Polish instead of wax products.
Poland has mild grinding agents and finishing elements to restore the luster of the sink. For a brushed-
Complete the sink and always work in the direction of the grain.
Rinse and buffer the new finish.
Keep your shiny new surface by cleaning it every day.
Ordinary kitchen and food with salt, acid and minerals can make the decoration bad.
Remove water spots by rubbing alcohol.
Use on the cloth, wipe the spots.
Rinse the sink and dry it.
Wash and disinfect the sink with hydrogen peroxide.
Use some on a gentle washer;
Rinse and dry.
A baking soda and a paste of water is a good detergent that will let the sink shine and not scratch the finish;
Rinse and dry.
Develop the habit of rinse the sink thoroughly and dry it after use.
This is the best way to avoid stripes, spots and dull movies.
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