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How to Tile Existing Counter Tops

by:KingKonree     2020-03-31
If you are updating your kitchen, there are a few things you can do to restore your existing laminate countertops.One option is to install granite tiles on the laminate.You can also install tiles on existing countertops.Both methods are simple enough --it-What you want to do.There are some newer products on the market and you don\'t even need to take off the old laminate or put down the cement back panel to lay the tile countertop.Remove everything from the countertop before starting the project.Resetting the sink is easier than tiling around the sink, so remove it as well.Measure and cut fiberglass reinforced paper to cover the entire countertop and edge.Apply a 1/8-Laminate adhesive on the entire surface of the countertop inch tile layer.Use a 1/8-Inch notch spatula evenly distributes the adhesive.Adhesive is also applied on the edge of the countertop.Place the paper on the adhesive and smooth it in place with an putty knife.Use the blade of the putty knife to find out any bubbles on the paper.Mix the thin mortar and water into the consistency of the mashed potatoes, lay a thin layer on the paper, and smooth it in place with a smooth side of the spatula.This layer is used as a scratch coating to glue the paper with the mortar layer that sets the tile or stone brick.If there is a low point on the countertop, use this layer to level it.If the laminate has a cow nose front edge, apply additional mortar on the front third of the countertop.This will eliminate the bull nose and enable you to set the tiles along the front edge of the countertop.Let thin dry for at least an hour before continuing.When you plan to place tiles, arrange the tiles along the top of the countertop.Use spacers in all four corners of each corner to keep the right spacing between straight lines and tiles.Plan the arrangement so that any cut tile will extend along the end of the table top.Pick up the tiles from the countertop in the order you plan to set them up.Use the tile cutter to measure and cut any tiles that are too long to fit on the countertop.Mark the position of the cut and draw the blade of the tile cutter along the mark to score the tile.Disconnect from the shorter side.If you have a few tiles to cut, use a wet saw with a diamond blade.If the cutting line is not visible, mark the tile with masking tape.Edge tiles can also be cut if needed.Mix the juice until it looks like mashed potatoes.Use 1/4-spread a bit on the front and side edges of the countertopInch notch spatula.Apply extra mortar on the back of each edge tile.This process of decorating the back of the tile is called butter.It provides the edge tile with additional strength attached to the vertical surface.Place the edge tile where there is an interval in the middle.Mix more thin ingredients into the consistency of mashed potatoes.Spread it 1/4-Inch 1/4 thickInch notch spatula.If your countertop is large, divide it into several parts.Set the tile in thinset.Tap each tile and fix it firmly in the mortar.Set the spacing device at each corner of the tile to keep the grouting straight line.Regularly check the surface of the tile with the level of the carpenter to make sure it is horizontal.Once the tiles are all in place, remove the spacers and let the mortar dry overnight.Mix the mud and water into the consistency of mashed potatoes.Spread the mud into the seam with a mud float.Wipe the excess mud with a clean damp sponge.Rinse the sponge with clear water often.When your finger no longer makes an impression in the grout, smooth the grout joint with a circular object such as a pencil or brush tip.Wipe any smoke in the mud on the countertop tile with a soft rag.Apply grouting sealant one or two weeks after grouting cure.Apply the seal using a small brush.
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