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how to unclog a bathroom sink

by:KingKonree     2020-10-16
When the bathroom sink starts to drain slowly, there is a good chance that the waste line of the sink drain will form a blockage.
There are all kinds of things that can cause the sink drain to clog.
Excessive hair, dry toothpaste, and sundries are just a few common reasons for clogging the sewer.
Before we find the best way to solve such a problem, let\'s review several ways to prevent this from happening.
Most bathroom sinks come with screens to prevent any large items from entering the drain. When home-
The owners remove these screens, which allow hair and other debris to pass through the entire screen, which will normally be stuck on the waste line.
Now, to fix this, there are some easy fixes to remove the drain in a few minutes. 1.
Use industrial intensity discharge cleaner.
This is the easiest but least effective way to clear the drain.
In this way, you can pour a thick liquid into the sink and let the liquid drain slowly.
Depending on the severity of the blockage and the strength of the drain cleaner, the process may take 30 minutes to several hours.
This is a great way to try the small wood clo, which can be done in just a few minutes. 2.
Remove and clean u-trap.
There\'s a u under the sink.
Traps connected to the wastewater pipeline. The u-
The trap is connected to the drain pipe of the sink and the second drain pipe that normally flows into the wall or floor. The u-
Traps are usually threaded with both pipes.
It can be screwed down and removed at both ends.
Before you do this, you should be in u-
Trap capture sitting in u-trap.
Once you remove u-
Trap you can simply clean the trap with a wire hanger.
Prepare an unpleasant smell at u-
The trap smells bad.
Once you put u-
The trap you can reconnect it to two pipes by screwing in each threaded end piece.
Congrats, you have now fixed the blockage of the bathroom sink.
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