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How to use acrylic cabinet countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-05-04

The countertop of the    cabinet can be said to be the 'face' of the overall cabinet. The face is bright, and the overall quality is improved. Among the many materials, there is a material called acrylic board. Let's talk about the use of acrylic cabinet countertops.

  Acrylic cabinet door panels

  Acrylic cabinet door panels are exquisite in appearance, clean and translucent, inexpensive, with high environmental protection, high mirror effect and are accepted by the majority of consumers. Acrylic cabinet door panel is a new and environmentally friendly cabinet door panel after baking varnish, UV and crystal steel cabinet door panels. Acrylic cabinet door panels are currently the most environmentally friendly material for cabinet door panels.

   Acrylic door panels have high transparency and light transmittance of 92%. They are known as 'plastic crystal' and have good weather resistance. They are especially used outdoors. They will not change color after long-term exposure and are acid resistant. Alkali, easy to clean (just wipe gently with a soft cloth during maintenance), excellent surface hardness, surface flatness and surface brightness, and also has good high temperature resistance, no delamination, blistering deformation, etc. Happening.

  Characteristics of 100% pure acrylic door panels

  1. The sales volume of white cabinet door panels in the world is the best, and many materials The white ones will turn yellow and the failure rate is very high, while the 100% pure acrylic door panels will not turn yellow when they are made white.

  2. The hardness of 100% pure acrylic can reach more than 4H

  3. Some people also call the crystal plate acrylic because it only contains 15% acrylic in it Now, many crystal door panels will crack after using for a period of time. Because the crystal panels are made of PVC+15%PMMA back stickers or spray paint, it is easy to crack and delamination, but with 100% pure acrylic, it will not crack. Signs.

  4. Acrylic and substrate board are glued with German environmentally friendly glue instead of pressing up.

  5. Compared with solid wood, solid wood is easy to crack and deform, and solid wood cannot make white door panels. Acrylic seamless door panels can achieve this effect without cracking and deformation.

  6. Acrylic door panels are safe, explosion-proof, durable, impact-resistant, waterproof, abrasion-resistant, UV-resistant, and bright and durable. The color is rich, crystal clear, the surface of the door panel is as brilliant and colorful as crystal, and the color is elegant and luxurious.

  7. The heat resistance of 100% pure acrylic has been tested at a high temperature of 75°-90°, which is not limited by low temperature, so it is not affected by the weather.

   8. In the process of breaking the traditional edge banding, the T-shaped flat aluminum alloy edge banding technology is adopted, and the aluminum alloy is not visible from the front, which not only ensures the beauty of the product, but also facilitates maintenance and hygiene.

  9. 100% pure acrylic material is environmentally friendly and low-carbon.

  Acrylic cabinet countertops

  Acrylic cabinet countertops are divided into composite acrylic cabinet countertops and pure acrylic cabinet countertops. These two The advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of acrylic cabinet countertops are quite different.

The main component of    composite acrylic cabinet countertops is about 20% acrylic, aluminum hydroxide and 65% particles added to saturated resin, and other materials account for about 2% (depending on different colors).

The price and gloss, hardness, corrosion resistance and other aspects of the    composite acrylic cabinet countertops are relatively moderate, so the cost performance is very high.

  The main ingredients of pure acrylic cabinet countertops are grade methyl acrylate and aluminum hydroxide. The gloss and corrosion resistance of pure acrylic cabinet countertops are higher than that of composite acrylic cabinet countertops, but the hardness is lower. Pure acrylic cabinet countertops are non-toxic and non-radiative, easy to clean, and are currently the most ideal cabinet countertop material.

  The advantages and disadvantages of acrylic cabinet countertops

  Advantages: The acrylic countertops currently used in the cabinet industry are made of seamless splicing. Even if there is a problem, it is easy to repair, and the acrylic countertop is also easy to maintain and easy to clean.

   Disadvantages: The hardness of acrylic countertops is slightly worse than that of quartz stone. If rough objects rub on the countertop, the brightness of the countertop is easily damaged. The composite acrylic is resistant to high temperature to 90 degrees, and the pure acrylic is resistant to high temperature of 120 degrees, but it is not allowed to touch overheated objects for a long time.

   After reading the introduction of the above article, I believe you already have some understanding of this material. Hope to bring help to your life.

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