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huge snake slithers out of texas man\'s toilet. deputy wrangles it with her bare hands

by:KingKonree     2020-10-17
It could be worse, frankly.
Wade velock could have sat in the toilet as the giant snake slid out of the porcelain throne.
Luckily for Bee County, Texas, Vielock is just cleaning his bathroom, or as the patch author says, \"Not using it in a way that would give blue indigo a tactical advantage.
\"But the timing does not make the situation even more terrible.
Last weekend, Vielock\'s 6-year-
The old son pointed out five. to six-foot-
The long indigo snake poked its body halfway out of the toilet.
\"I looked back at the toilet and the snake was about 3 feet outside and climbed over the window,\" Vielock told KSAT . \".
\"It took me at least six years.
He said: \"In the panic, Vielock ran out of the bathroom so fast that he accidentally knocked down his son.
Once he has found the direction, Vielock has to figure out how to deal with this huge reptile.
He called his friend, a local taxonomist, and asked him for advice.
It turns out that the blue indigo snake, known as the Oriental indigo snake, is actually harmless.
While it is not toxic and rarely bites, sometimes it bites prey or enemies first with its muscular chin.
According to the United States, the eastern indigo also happens to be the longest snake species in North America. S.
Fish and Wildlife Services.
Since this is a \"threatened\" and protected species, there is no license, this is not a snake that you should deal
No matter how confident you are.
Eventually, Vielock called the Bee County sheriff\'s office to handle the situation.
There may or may not be a \"snake Shepherd\" in the job description of Lindsay scottten, but in Texas, the sheriff\'s deputy must be ready at all times.
According to the Bee County sheriff\'s office, when skoden arrived at Vielock\'s ranch, the snake had stepped out of the toilet and entered the vanity of the bathroom.
When Vielock held the flashlight over her shoulder, the deputy knelt down and calmly unscrewed the blue indigo out there with her hands.
The Bee County sheriff\'s office said in a Facebook post: \"The snake was not hurt and put back in the bush . \".
In the photo, the deputy took a photo with Vielock\'s son and smiled as she grabbed both ends of the snake.
\"Deputy Sheriff scoden did a good job,\" the sheriff\'s office wrote . \".
The quarrel looked like a breeze, but apparently she told Vielock that \"She can\'t kill a cockroach.
\"I told her she could call me anytime and if she kicked that snake out of the house I would kill all the cockroaches she wanted,\" Vielock told KSAT . \".
Hundreds of comments flooded the sheriff\'s office\'s Facebook posts, praising the deputy for his bravery.
\"I can never do it!
Paula Perkins wrote.
\"Definitely a better and braver woman than me,\" Patty Lamy said . \".
Keith Farrell, an observer, wrote: \"I will be the same person I saw just now . \".
\"The poor guy will never hear the end of it all,\" said the other person . \".
Erin Howe wanted to know if the deputy initially knew what kind of snake she was going to deal.
As far as we know, she may have gone into the bathroom ready to deal with a creature full of venom.
\"Texas is tough now,\" Hao wrote . \".
Some local commentators say indigo snakes are popular in their homes.
They are not only harmless to human beings, but also prey on poisonous snakes.
\"Love these snakes and hope they will be loose in my yard,\" writes Donna Seane . \".
\"Beautiful snake, there are six footers around my house,\" says Joe Garza . \".
\"Since the rattlesnake moved in, I haven\'t seen it around my house.
\"That\'s a baby,\" Joseph Richard Hammond said of indigo in Vielock\'s home. \"in southern Texas, they \'ve seen Indigo as big as drill pipes.
\"According to the Bee County Sheriff\'s Office, the number of snakes has surged this year due to the weather.
\"Residents are encouraged to understand the surrounding environment,\" the sheriff\'s office wrote . \".
So maybe next time you use the restroom in Texas, take a closer look.
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