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Humidifiers these days come in many designs, types

by:KingKonree     2020-07-21
Warm Mist Humidifiers How they function: These humidifiers have a basin or tank which uses a heating element to heat the water, causing it to evaporate into the air, releasing moisture. They are called warm mist humidifiers as the moisture they release is warm to the touch and increases the temperature of the space they are used in. Pros: Very useful during cold seasons or in a cold environment as they also heat up the room instead of just humidifying it. Water in the tank/basin is boiled, killing any bacteria that may be in the water. Many of these humidifiers also have a special cup to put liquid medications that are inhalable, spreading the medicine in the air. Cons: The steam that is released from the warm mist humidifier is hot and may cause burns to babies or young children who come to close to it. It poses a fire hazard if the water in the basin runs out and the power to the unit is not switched off. However, nowadays most warm humidifiers come with an automatic switch off mechanism when the water level is too low. Another disadvantage is that it consumes more electricity than cold mist humidifiers due to the heating element. Cold Mist Humidifiers How they function: Water contained in the tank of the humidifier is pulled up to a pressure chamber by a wick, with the help of a motorized filter. The water droplets are then broken down and sent out as a misty spray. Cool mist humidifiers release what their name suggests, which is cool mist. Pros: They are usually cheaper to buy than warm humidifiers, as well as cheaper to run because they do not have a heating element which takes up a lot of electricity. They are a safe option for young children and babies as there is no hot steam released that may pose a burn hazard. Cold mist humidifiers are also a better option for heating larger spaces. Cons: As the mist they release is cool instead of warm, cold mist humidifiers do not increase the temperature of a room and may not contribute much in heating during cold periods. Water in the basin or tank is not boiled, which means it can breed bacteria and viruses if not changed frequently. There is also a concern that cold mist humidifiers release mineral dust into the environment. Verdict It is hard to say which humidifier is better, as both have their pros and cons. In a home with young children and babies, a cold mist humidifier is a better option as it is safer. Otherwise, both humidifiers are of equal levels in their features. It is up to you to determine which of these humidifiers is more suitable for the space you are trying to hydrate.
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