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Husband, this is the bathroom decoration I want!

by:KingKonree     2021-06-25

I saw an article describing a new type of bathroom decoration on the Internet, and I think it really makes sense. Here is my husband, this is the bathroom decoration I want! Don’t install traditional bathroom facilities in the bathroom anymore. It’s really outdated. The current bathroom facilities are easier to use and popular. The main ones are the combined bathroom cabinet, the fully automatic toilet, and the toilet shelf. Toilets and storage facilities are modern and practical facilities.

1. Combination bathroom cabinet

Combination bathroom cabinets are fully equipped and are the new darling of modern toilet facilities. The main thing is the completeness of the supporting facilities, which can satisfy us for washing, dressing, and storage. It is equipped with a bath mirror, bathtub and storage cabinet. The installation of such a combined bath cabinet is also very space-saving, and the upper and lower installation is very beautiful.

Modern and simple combined bathroom cabinet with round black bathroom mirror, stylish and beautiful appearance, and integrated bathroom cabinet with storage cabinet and washbasin, wall-mounted installation is also very economical Bathroom space.

Bathroom cabinets in two colors of black and white, combined with a round bath mirror, and independent storage cabinets, can meet our multi-functional washing use, wall-mounted installation is also very space-saving .

Second, automatic toilet

The fully automatic intelligent toilet is a presentation of modern technology. When applied to our lives, it really brings us more surprises. . We should also learn to accept new things and use them in our home life. Such a fully automatic integrated operation of the toilet is more convenient.

The all-in-one toilet with full-automatic flip-top lid also has a foot contact ring, heating and automatic flushing of the seat ring, with lighting and air for humane cleaning, silent damping, etc. A variety of functions.

Three, toilet storage rack

To install toilet storage rack in the bathroom, you can use the space above the toilet to achieve multi-layer storage of items. For the bathroom, this storage facility is more It is comprehensive, and the design of the toilet rack is very simple. It can be directly placed and has a strong stability and load-bearing capacity. It is used for toilet storage and saves space.

The floor-mounted toilet storage rack is made of stainless steel, and the double-layer partition design can meet the storage of double-layer items, and the floor-mounted installation has strong stability and is very economical when placed on the toilet. space.

The storage rack that can be placed on the toilet and the washing machine. The floor-standing rack has strong load-bearing capacity. The three-layer partition design allows items to be sorted for storage. The solid wood partition is matched with The steel frame has strong bearing capacity.

The installation of such facilities in the bathroom is not only fashionable and beautiful in appearance, but also quite grounded, and more importantly, the inherent practicality, complete and fully automated, large-capacity layered storage Objects, more in line with the needs of our modern life.

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