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hyundai l&c usa and wilsonart engineered surfaces celebrate grand opening of new solid surface manufacturing plant

by:KingKonree     2019-12-14
S. Modern L & C and Wilsonart engineering surfaces celebrate the new solid surface manufacturing factory manufacturer in ASM (
Surface treatment materials in USA)
And set up a team for the ribbon cutting ceremony at the new Texas facility commercial line temple in Texas--
On May 17, 2019, Wilsonart engineering surface and modern L & c usa held a ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday, May 16, officially announcing their new joint venture ASM (
US Surface Materials Co. , Ltd).
Designed to support continued expansion and growth of wilsonart®Solid surface and Hanex®The factory will also create more than 50 new jobs for the local area.
The press release features multimedia.
See the full version here: yoseok YOO, President and CEO of Hyundai L & C
Shake hands with President and CEO Timothy Brian. . .
Zheng seok YOO, President and CEO of Hyundai L & C
Shake hands with Timothy Brian, President and CEO of Wilsonart\'s engineering surface. (
Graphic: business Swire)
About 50 guests attended the opening ceremony, including several state and local government officials, Tim Davis, the mayor of Temple, Jessica Walker, a woman MP, and Bill Schumann, county commissioner. Representative from temple chamber of commerce and temple economic development company. Mr.
Zheng seok Yoo, CEO of Hyundai L & C and Mr, CEO of Wilsonart.
Mr. Timo Bryan and
Asm ceo Young Wook Cho spoke at the event and praised the hard work and cooperation in developing a new plant.
135,000 square feet of facilities with state-of-the-art facilitiesof-the-
Existing art production equipment can produce up to 300,000 solid surfaces per year.
The plant will produce solid surface plates up to 60 inch wide, enabling greater flexibility and efficiency, saving time and money for manufacturers and their customers.
In addition, the central location of the plant enables the two companies to maximize the availability of products, the degree of proximity to customers, and better serve the physical surface market through products made in the United States.
\"For more than 60 years, Wilsonart has been sticking to the promise made by our founders;
\"Wilsonart will always provide our customers with industry-leading products and unparalleled services,\" said Tim O\'Brien, CEO of Wilsonart . \".
\"Today, we celebrate this commitment by opening this United surface manufacturing plant in Temple, Texas.
Born in modern L & C, this new factory has been going on for 15 years, providing an innovative country for both of our companiesof-the-
Provide art facilities for unique products that our customers can\'t find anywhere else.
\"The new ASM solid surface factory is an excellent collaboration between the two companies in the industry.
This partnership will enable the two companies to better serve their customers by providing us with the highest quality solid surfaces on the market.
We are very excited that this will have a positive impact on our hanex solid surface and customers will be able to achieve greater efficiency and success in their business, \"said HS Kim, CEO, Hyundai L & C North America
\"Hyundai L & C USAcan maintains a solid surface manufacturing, innovation and innovation through collaboration with our partners in this new plant and our strong national sales network and distribution channels
About American Modern L & C Co. , Ltd. : Modern L & C (
Life and Culture)
US sales and marketing based in Atlanta, Georgia
Brand name of quality SolidSurfaces Hanex HanStone quartz surface treatment products.
North American subsidiary of Korea Hyundai Department Store Group, Hyundai L & C seeks to create a new living interior culture that transcends the boundaries of building materials and interior products, providing new value for people and space, promote deeper human ties and contribute to a rich world that is not harmonious with nature.
About HANEX®Solid surface: Hanex ^®Next is the solid surface.
A generation of products, crafted and even the strictest treatment, makes it an ideal material for a wide range of residential and commercial applications in homes, schools, healthcare facilities and businesses.
Constantly breaking through possible boundaries, Hanex\'s goal is to enhance the lives of people who meet these spaces by understanding what is really important beyond aesthetics.
To learn more about the solid surface of Hanex, visit www.
Hanexsolid surface. com.
About WILSONART: The mission of Wilsonart, the world\'s leading engineering surface company, is to create surfaces that people love, provide services that you can trust, provided by people who care.
The company produces and sells high-pressure grades for office, education, healthcare, residential, hotel and retail markets, quartz, solid surfaces, coordinated TFL and capping, and other engineering surfaces
Operating under Wilsonart®Resopal ^®Polyrey ^®Stone Trees®Laminart ^®Bushboard ^™Shore ^™Mermaid™Ralph Wilson®KML ^®And Duken. ®Brand, the company constantly redefines decorative surfaces through improved performance and aesthetics.
For more information, please visit www. wilsonart.
Or get in touch with us on Facebook, Houzz, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
Wilsant®The solid surface, launched in 1990, features evolving design and color options, including the popular large
Elegant, low-key proportional sports mode
Contrast design, all in harmony with the overall sink for commercial and residential use.
Visitwww is the latest product. wilsonart.
Com/solid surface.
View the source version on business wire.
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