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I often thought that my tiny bathroom was inadequate

by:KingKonree     2020-08-14

I browsed the Internet and checked various online tile stores to discover new ways to make the most of my tiny bathroom and create an illusion of space. Space can easily be created with the help of plain tiles. Making use of neutral coloured tiles, such as white or cream will broaden the space with its brighter, lighter tones. Depending on the way you use it, both big and small tiles can bring about a difference. In order to avoid eyes being overwhelmed, keep grout lines small or near to invisible.

Another great way to create more space is by flaunting off more of your lovely tiled floor. This can be achieved by installing a wall mounted sink or floating cabinets.

In a limited spaced bathroom, be sure to avoid dark colours, as these can close in the space and make the room appear smaller than it really is. Light and neutral shades will automatically bring extra light to the bathroom, opening up the space. There are many fantastic colours available to suit your style and taste. White tiles are a fabulous option and will never go out of style. White complements every colour and any type of furniture or accessories. You can change your towels, washcloths and other bathroom accessories as often as you like with a white-tiled bathroom.

Implementing these simple steps gave me a fantastic end result. My white coloured bathroom tiles have created space in my bathroom and it looks amazing.

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