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I only found out after I moved in, toilet facilities should be installed

by:KingKonree     2021-06-29

After the new house is installed, and soon after moving in, you will feel the unsatisfactory parts of the house decoration. After moving in, I discovered that the toilet facilities must be equipped with these, so that it is really convenient to use. For example, a combined multifunctional bathroom cabinet, a fully automatic smart toilet, and a storage rack for corners are not only very practical and easy to use, but also very space-saving.

I. Multifunctional bathroom cabinet

For the convenience of washing in the bathroom, we can install a multifunctional design bathroom cabinet. The main highlight of the multifunctional bathroom cabinet is that the supporting facilities are relatively complete. Moreover, the one-piece design can be wall mounted on the wall cabinet, which is also very space-saving, which can satisfy our storage and washing functions.

Simple, stylish and multi-functional bathroom cabinet with complete supporting facilities, with a round bathroom mirror and independent wall-mounted wall cabinet, which can meet our multi-functional washing and storage, black door handles, It is simple and beautiful with white solid wood.

Black and white multifunctional bathroom cabinets. The appearance design of the bathroom cabinet is very simple and stylish. It has a round bathroom mirror with a partition board and a separate locker. Cabinet wash storage is correct.

Second, automatic toilet

Automatic toilets are very popular now. The main reason is the intelligent operation, which can free our hands without the need for us to manually flush and Clean, can also keep the toilet itself clean, sanitary and odor-free, for us, such a toilet is a practical toilet.

It can be a smart toilet for SPA. It has a fully automatic integrated type, that is, the hot type can realize heating and flushing with running water. The integrated shape design of the toilet without water tank is very beautiful and atmospheric, and the toilet is energy-saving with three preventions. ''

Intelligent integrated full-automatic toilet, seat temperature can be adjusted in 4 steps, with remote control wireless, that is, a hot toilet without water tank, can achieve automatic cleaning and deodorization, and also with There is a comfortable function.

3. Corner storage racks

In order to save space and keep the bathroom clean and tidy, corner storage racks can be installed, which can not only satisfy our storage and organization of items, but also Good corner utilization can be realized, which is the real utilization of no dead space, which can free up part of the storage space.

The floor-to-ceiling corner shelf, the multi-layer design can meet the multi-layer storage of items, it is made of environmentally friendly PVC material, which has good waterproof and moisture-proof, and it is also very simple and stylish to put in the bathroom.

The floor-standing multifunctional bathroom shelf, multi-layer design can realize a large number of storage items, and the hollow partition has better permeability, and the material has good waterproof and moisture-proof properties.

We pay attention to the practicality of the toilet facilities. The appearance is actually second. After moving in, you will find that the necessity of installing such facilities is indeed much easier to use than traditional facilities and can also be alleviated. The pressure of bathroom space creates a spacious and comfortable washing environment for us.

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