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Identification methods and advantages and disadvantages of acrylic countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-05-04

Acrylic is a material of artificial stone countertops. It has the advantages of high plasticity, easy processing, anti-fouling, anti-bacterial, and more environmentally friendly. Let's take a look at it together.

Classification of acrylic artificial stone

1. Composite acrylic artificial stone: it is in mineral powder, aluminum powder, calcium powder, etc. The chemical raw materials are made of acrylic. The quality of the cabinet countertops of this material varies from good to bad, but the products of good brands are still good. Composite acrylic artificial stone cabinet countertops and pure acrylic cabinet countertops are very similar in type, but many features are not so good.

2. Pure acrylic artificial stone: artificial stone countertop with acrylic content over 40%. Pure acrylic artificial stone cabinet countertops can be absolutely impervious and seamlessly spliced, have any shape, and have very good toughness, and basically no breakage. The characteristic of pure acrylic countertops is that the production process is the same as that of composite acrylic, but it is more acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, impact-resistant, stain-resistant, anti-bacterial, and more environmentally friendly than composite acrylic. The materials used to make the countertops contain more than 30% of acrylic components. The higher the proportion of acrylic, the milder the hand feel and tends to be plastic, and vice versa, the colder the countertop. It has strong plasticity, can be freely cut, bent, wear-resistant, and combined with durability.

Method to distinguish artificial stone acrylic countertop and ordinary resin board

1. Take a small piece separately, soak and boil water Take it out after 3 minutes in the middle, the acrylic has no peculiar smell, and the resin board has peculiar smell.

2. The resin board contains stone powder, which can be written like chalk on the cement floor, and it will smell bad if it continues to rub. Acrylic does not.

3. Use sandpaper to polish off the surface wax of the acrylic and resin board respectively, and then drip soy sauce, and observe after half an hour; the acrylic does not penetrate, but the resin board has obvious soy sauce stains.

4. Take out a piece of each sample, cover half of it separately, and irradiate it in the sun for 50 minutes. There is no obvious change in the acrylic and the color of the resin board.

5. In the process of processing, there are snowflake-like fragments on the acrylic sheet, while the resin sheet is acrid and unpleasant powder dust.

Advantages and disadvantages of acrylic cabinet countertops

1. Advantages of acrylic cabinet countertops: Acrylic countertops are based on acrylic (PMMA) , The countertop with ultrafine aluminum hydroxide as the filler is a kind of artificial stone countertop. Acrylic table top has high hardness and toughness. It can be bent without any problems. It has good heat resistance and mechanical properties. No cracks will occur no matter the temperature difference. Acrylic has high transparency and light transmittance of 92%. It has 'plastic crystal 'The reputation. At present, acrylic countertops are all made of seamless splicing, which is very easy to repair even if there is a problem. At the same time, acrylic countertops also have good maintenance performance, easy to clean and other advantages, which bring great convenience to life.

2. Disadvantages of acrylic cabinet countertops: Acrylic countertops have a major disadvantage that the hardness is not as strong as quartz stone. If the countertops are rubbed by rough objects, they will easily lose the gloss of the countertops. The high temperature resistance of composite acrylic is better, which can reach 90 degrees, and the high temperature resistance of pure acrylic countertops can reach 120 degrees, but it should not be in contact with high temperature objects for a long time, otherwise it will be easy to break.

Finally, I want to remind everyone that pure acrylic is a material that is not resistant to high temperatures, so when using this material countertop, you must Avoid directly preventing overheated pots, pots, etc. on the pure acrylic table to avoid damage to them.

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