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If you are remodeling your kitchen worktops there

by:KingKonree     2020-06-30
Laminate countertops: Thin surface of laminate applied to a thicker base of plywood. The positives of laminate is its available in hundreds of patterns and colors and one of the least expensive materials. If you chip laminate then it can be tricky to repair chips and scratches can show quite badly so it is not really usable as a cutting surface and can be quite easy to scorch with hot pans. The main drawback of laminate countertops is they are less durable than natural stone surfaces. Solid surfacing: a newer Countertop material that mimics the appearance of natural stone and is very durable. It surfaces are easy to care for and are high impact resistance, easily repaired, and won't collect bacteria or stain easily. The negatives are that it may melt from hot cooking pots and pans. Natural woods: This material is used for worktops in a butcher-block style arrangement. Maple, oak and other hardwoods all make durable and elegant countertops that create a good surface for cutting foods and scratches are easily repaired by sanding. Also since your cabinet and maybe even your flooring are made of wood it can be easier to match styles. It does require a finish to preserve its appearance though and can easily scorch with hot cookware. With regards to cooking, it also allows bacterial growth so will need regular cleaning and for this reason is not practical for your entire Countertop and is better used in small sections. Granite: This type of worktop will last the longest out of all the materials and is very popular for its elegant and rich look. Granite provides a hard and durable surface that is very heat resistant. Although it is very expensive, granite worktops can help add value to a home and so should be a worthy expenditure in the long run. Aside from its expensive nature, granite also requires regular care and must be sealed periodically Ceramic Tile: Tile has a comforting, classic look and is an inexpensive option for your Countertop material. It is very easy to clean up after a mess and is more heat resistant than laminate solid surfaces. The cost can increase if you are looking for custom or hand-painted tiles but this is purely a taste related factor. Tiles can chip and crack easily and need regular maintenance to keep bacteria out of grout.
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