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If you have visited home improvement stores today

by:KingKonree     2020-12-11

Remotes are now readily available for any bathroom type. If you're feeling lazy to get out of bed until the shower is hot, get a remote control to keep by your bedside. This can show you when the water is up to the desired temperature. Or if you don't wish to switch the bathroom light on in the middle of the night, it is possible to install low level lighting triggered by a motion sensor that may assist you subtly where you will need to go. You can also find toilets that flushes with the wave of a hand. You can install taps in your sink that gush with water when you put your hands under them again using motion sensor technology.

And it's not just the electrical gadgets that have improved in the past few years. Waterproofing technology has improved that the wet-room type of bathroom is now achievable even in first floor bathrooms constructed on wooden floor joists.

Formed shower 'trays' are also available to ensure the correct slope to the drain in the wet room is easy to achieve. This makes the process of successfully installing a wet room easier.

We all know that porcelain tiles have grown rather popular over the past few years. Porcelain tiles have the advantage of being extremely hard and this lets them be manufactured in very much larger sizes than the traditional ceramic tiles. These large sizes can be up to 1.2 meters square. For those who have a room large enough to support them, provide you with the advantages of being much easier and quicker to lay, with less grout lines to get dirty and less waste.

These are just some of the bathroom improvements you can do. You can find other ideas online in interior design websites or perhaps print magazines. Do your research and find what best suits your property.

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