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Imagine yourself standing in a bathroom immediately

by:KingKonree     2020-08-26

Obviously the purpose of the exhaust fan becomes clear. But were you aware about the damage the accumulated moisture and humidity could do to the room meant for your refreshment? After a shower, misty and odourous air collects inside the bathroom. This makes it difficult for one to stand at the place. Besides, excess bathroom moisture could damage the surface of the wall and ceiling, cause wood trim decay, mould contamination and saturation of building insulation. Apart from this, window condensation and frost gathering during winter, development of stains, mould and thermal tracking on the walls and ceiling are other causes of concern. Here comes the significance of the bathroom exhaust fan. The bathroom fans protect the bath from moisture, steam and odours and provide proper ventilation in the bathroom and make it airy.

In today's times, the bathroom fans have a sleek and stylish appearance. These contribute to the decor of the bathroom and make it more pleasant. Some bathroom fans have a built-in light too. This removes the need to allot a separate space for the exhaust fan and bathroom lights. Also, one can switch off these fans by keeping an automated time sensor. After the fed-in run time, these fans get switched off on their own. The air should exhaust continuously for as many as 20 minutes after the bathroom is used. That is why; it would be good to have a timer built in with the fan. A timer will save the user from the tiresome exercise of switching off the fan after a stipulated period.

A good bathroom fan must achieve 8 air changes an hour and have a size that is suitable to the bathroom. One can calculate the cubic feet per minute (CFM) of the bathroom. CFM in turn, is a measure of the airflow needed to achieve 8 air exchanges per hour. Thus, the right fan can be determined. While selecting a bathroom fan, one looks out for a fan which complements the bathroom decor. A good bathroom fan needs to meet certain parameters of which the prominent ones are reduced noise level, looks, colour, and utility value prior to sale. Bathroom fans are found in a variety of colours. The noise level of the bathroom fan plays a significant role in its price. By installing the bathroom fan correctly, it is possible to keep its noise level down.

Some of the high-end quality fans have a protective shell. This consists of UV-protected thermoplastic resin that can be mounted easily in wet locations. It is recommended to use insulated flexible duct to reduce the noise level of the fan and ideally, there should be at least 8 feet of flex duct between ceiling grilles and fan.

So get a bathroom fan today and ensure a clear fresh air in your bathroom.

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