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In order to become a spiritual person, first of all

by:KingKonree     2020-09-27

Books On Spirituality inspires and guides us choose the spiritual path. Even if we have led an unspiritual life so far, we could instantly cease to be a materialistic minded person. We could always transform ourselves and embark on our spiritual journey. We just have to take the right decision in our mind. After all, the spiritual transformation happens in and through the mind. Awareness and consciousness are accomplished through the mind because our real mind is aware of our pure existence however unrighteous lives we may have led.

The first right step we need to take to lead a spiritual life is to regularly read the good Books On Spirituality and try to realize our true self. We must learn to look beyond our mind and body and find out who we are in the true sense. Books On Spirituality tells us that we are made of four distinct parts; we are composed of a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical self. So, the first big step would be to see our emotional, mental and spiritual self along with our physical self when we face a mirror.

The second important step in leading a spiritual life is to learn the real difference between free will and destiny. It will be wrong to believe that there is only free will and no destiny. And it is equally wrong to believe only in predestination. Books On Spirituality advocates that some experiences of our lives are the result of our free willed decisions and some experiences appear destined to happen. Naturally it is God who predestines that part of our life. Because God has created every human being with a spiritual personality. God wishes us all to become spiritual people. But by misusing our free will we unknowingly choose to become materialistic people. Misusing our power of free will we keep ourselves away from realising our spiritual self. Thus, we bring ourselves into disagreement with God. And we fall into the trap of destiny. Therefore, we must sincerely and patiently choose to seek God knowledge and universal truth. We must turn away from our materialistic mentality. Remember God is patiently waiting for us to choose the spiritual path and become a spiritual person.

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