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India is a highly populated country whose 27%

by:KingKonree     2020-09-07

Although the sanitary ware market in India has grown exponentially in the past five or six years, with the key companies multiplying their production capacities. The industry's phenomenal growth is directly proportional to the development in real estate. At present, the housing demands are on a rise. This has led people to take interest in premium sanitary wares and raised their purchasing power. The increased sanitary wares demand not only emerges from upcoming new projects, but over and above from replacement markets as well. Due to the dramatic growth faced by the industry, the Indian manufacturers are now upgrading their manufacturing system and adopting latest imported technology such as Fast Firing Cycle Kiln, and setting up Beam casting and Battery Casting. The Indian companies are also adopting an aggressive advertising campaign to educate people to go for higher value sanitary wares. With 15 to 17% growth in sanitary wares demand per year, Indian manufacturers have strengthened their dealer network by offering showroom incentives to the international brands and by opening their own retail outlets in big cities.

The Indian sanitary ware industry is categorized into two wide sectors: organized and unorganized. The organized companies like M/s. Hindustan Sanitary Industries Limited, M/s. E.I.D. Parry, M/s. Swastik Sanitary wares Limited, M/s. Madhusudan Ceramics and M/s. Neycer India Limited utilize latest technology and best of raw materials to produce fully vitrified products, while unorganized sector adopts local Indian technology and manufacture basic sanitary wares. Most of the companies have set up their factories in Rajasthan and Gujarat because of the availability of abundance of raw material and cheap labor there.

The current sanitary ware market size in India is of approx 500 crores and represents an annual growth rate of 3-4% in the industry. India is expected to become one of the largest consuming countries in the next decade, which would give the industry a boom and would encourage the companies to manufacture and export the products on a much larger scale. Moreover, the increasing urbanization and government's impetus to improve sanitation and hygiene has also regulated the growth of Indian sanitary ware industry. The companies are adopting accurate standards by using top machinery and stern quality control measures with latest designs and manifestation to produce finest quality products.

India is on a verge of becoming the biggest manufacturing hub for international sanitary ware brand. Most of the international brands like Kohler, HR Johnson and Roca have already incepted their operation in India. In India, the cost of sanitary wares production is substantially low because of the availability of abundance raw material and low labor cost, as compared to other countries. This has led Indian sanitary wares to be capaciously competitive among neighboring countries and hence the export from India is increasing everyday.

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