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info What stone is good for bathtub stone? wash basin manufacturers

by:KingKonree     2018-10-01

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I suggest you use natural marble! Let's talk about solid surface. The best one can guarantee no deformation for about 5 years, especially in the bathroom. Moreover, the radiation of solid surface should not be lower than that of natural marble. I will explain the problem below. and natural stone compete. The advantage is that the price is relatively low. Now I start to talk about natural marble. Everyone says that natural marble is high in radiation and harmful, but the radiation of natural marble is relatively low in the building materials. Let’s take the tiles, the radiation of natural marble is Far less than the tile, if the natural marble is the same as everyone else, the radiation is very high, so the quarry workers and the tile firing workers are not going to be sick a lot? Moreover, it can be seen that a large number of stone (domestic and foreign) are used in high-end places such as hotels and high-end residences, and the halls of foreign popes are almost decorated with marble on all five sides. This explains what is not too much radiation. Of course, you can measure the radioactivity before you buy it (this is the only way to judge the radioactivity, remember, is the only one). Why do you recommend testing the capsule? Chinese-made things, Sudan Red, Sanlu, Gutter Oil, etc. I really lost confidence in them~~~

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