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Innovation leads fashion, Emperor Sanitary Ware will be unveiled at Shanghai Exhibition in high profile

by:KingKonree     2021-05-20

At this year’s Shanghai International Kitchen and Bath Exhibition, the emperor will use strong 'Chinese style' elements to combine popular fashion, elegance and luxury with traditional elements, and through the understanding and penetration of sanitary ware culture, to achieve the best The design brings an extraordinary triple enjoyment of vision, touch and soul to consumer groups who desire a unique, comfortable and high-quality bathroom experience.

In this exhibition, Emperor will display a series of latest sanitary products such as smart toilets, bathroom cabinets, bathtubs, shower rooms, sauna rooms, and hardware accessories. It is particularly worth mentioning that the emperor grandly launched a set of products with the style of European royal family-'Caesar' series. The emperor designer has fully studied the living habits of the European royal family, combined with his unique taste of fashion and elegance, and outlined an elegant, majestic, and luxurious royal style with the extremely smooth lines. 'The series** is another flagship work after the series! This time, the Caesar series will also be exhibited in a prominent position in the Emperor's showroom, which will surely attract a lot of attention!

In this exhibition, Emperor will launch a brand-new high-end bathroom cabinet made of 'Moculi' that is completely moisture-proof, crack-proof and insect-proof. While paying attention to the overall collocation, it will build a luxurious, comfortable and warm top-grade living space!

'Keli' material is a high-end new type of material, which is a high-tech product developed through long-term research and development by Emperor Company and many domestic and foreign scientific research institutions and spent a lot of manpower and material resources. The successful development of this material is a revolutionary leap in the production of panels for traditional solid wood bathroom cabinets. The bathroom cabinet made of 'Mockeli' material not only has the appearance and touch of natural solid wood, but also has the super characteristics of stronger toughness, complete moisture resistance, crack resistance, environmental protection and health. As the material of choice for high-end bathroom cabinets, 'Mockeli' has been favored by more and more consumers who pay attention to the quality of life.

As the leading brand of sanitary wares in China, Emperor Sanitary Ware attended this exhibition in full attire, bringing a variety of new products to the high-profile appearance, which will surely bring every visitor a supreme all-round enjoyment.

Special reminder:

The location of this exhibition of Emperor Sanitary Ware is E1 Hall D15

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