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installing your own mexican sink

by:KingKonree     2020-10-23
I \'ve always liked the hand drawn sink we saw while on vacation in Mexico.
I swear, when I have my own home, I will have a home in the bathroom that I enjoy every day!
I was with our sink instructions.
In terms of decoration, we are not completely new (
We laid some floors, made a lot of paintings, some drywall)
However, we are not intimidated, we will think about it carefully and try to do it if we want to try something!
However, for inexperienced people, the project is not out of reach.
If you can have such beauty for about $200, why live Day after day with a white porcelain sink-
300 does not include the time spent.
On last November, we were north of Puerto Vallarta in Guayabitos Linkong.
I plan to find a sink in the local market, but we are disappointed that most of the goods on the market are imported from China.
We went home on vacation and bought the sink for $54 on a big auction site.
We had a small bathroom and needed a dresser of a specific size so that the door could be opened.
My dad made us one according to our specifications.
You can do this if it\'s convenient for you.
Other options are to find an antique wash face or dresser that you like.
Most large hardware chains also sell vanities.
Search in the thrift store or go to a few garages for sale and you can also find the perfect thing there for a cheap price!
We have a shelf under our vanity and an opening at the back that allows the pipe to enter.
My dad applied it primer and the photo says the first coat of the color we chose.
We gave these three acrylic coats. water based)paint.
Dyed wood is also good.
We chose a blue color in the sink to match the color.
We want a tile table top.
We thought it would be better to set off the color in the sink and add the \"hacienda\" feeling we wanted in the bathroom.
Note: I don\'t speak Spanish.
My dad made a simple plywood again.
It has a tailgate and a small border on the edge.
They are all tiled.
We made a template for the sink and cut the hole out.
This requires a fine-
Tuning as a store
The sink was bought with a cardboard template.
No Mexican sink.
To make the overflow shape correct, two or three cuts are required.
We also dug holes in the tap.
Make sure that the lips of the sink do not overlap with the holes required for the tap. Very important!
The decor around the edges is narrow enough for our 1 \"tile to be wide.
The tailgate had to be placed under some of the wooden decorations that didn\'t come out in our bathroom.
If you are handy for table saws, these customizable things are better than buying a dresser in a store where you can only use what they have.
The man in the tile shop will help you buy enough tiles.
We ordered a whole block less than he recommended, and finally we had a whole block left.
We thought about the gaps left by the sink, but we didn\'t want to be left.
This is an important step.
Make sure your sink doesn\'t have a rocking or odd action, and the tap fits as well. Just that.
Cut and dry tiles for you.
We connected 1 feet square 1 \"tiles in the back with a grid.
Some of them are cut in half or on a diagonal to bypass the edge of the sink and the quirky area of the Overflow (in front).
My dad cut these with a glass cutter and said they were easy to break.
It\'s easy to break them, especially when working with such a small tile, so be sure to wear safety glasses!
We don\'t want to look at the finished countertop, and we don\'t want to see the 1 feet part easily, so when we glue, we cut the mesh in the appropriate place and let them slide a little, so they look like \"hands.
We don\'t want it to look like it rolled off the assembly line at the factory, but we also don\'t want it to be hastily manufactured somewhere between the two.
One trick: We took a photo with a digital camera to refer to where all the pieces are going.
After each part is laid out, then you remove them and put the glue, it\'s hard to remember where the parts of this triangle and those three separate tiles go back.
This effect is very good.
Remove the tiles that the faucet will go.
We also put the tiles on the tailgate and tiled the tailgate.
We put the tiles in so that there is a little bit of prominence so that when we lay the tiles on the edge of the dresser, they are also docked to form a neat edge.
We used a thin mortar called Versabond. It has anti-
Mold performance (
They may all have.
Mix with water, do not breathe in dust, use rubber gloves.
Depending on the tile size you choose, you need a specific spatula with a cut.
I think the smaller the tile, the smaller the gap (
For example, No. 1/16 \")
If you lay 12 tiles on the floor, you may need a deeper notch (more glue).
You have to work fairly quickly over open hours (
Time before it is set)
About 15 minutes.
We do it in sections. Glue (thin set)
For a quarter at the top of the counter, then place the tiles with a clean hand.
Then there are thinner suits and more tiles.
Working quickly, we placed the tiles and then had enough time to work around and swing them in place so that there would be no \"factory made\" look.
Again, we don\'t want people to look at it, and we don\'t want people to clearly identify the foot part of the tile.
Follow the instructions on the label and keep it dry for 24 hours.
We were bored and went with white mud.
We think the light blue and white tiles look the best in the background of the sink.
There was also in the bathroom so we wanted a fresh and clean look.
Despite the mud of all kinds of colors, so don\'t be limited in your imagination!
According to the instructions, we mixed a bucket according to the weight. (
Ask any Baker, weigh more accurately than a cup)
Again, this thing is toxic, so use gloves and don\'t breathe in the dust.
We mixed a bucket to find that it was not enough.
It\'s really okay to mix more.
I am concerned that the second batch may not match the first, but there is no difference at all.
You need a special grouting material (
I can\'t remember the name. . . trowel? )
Rubber at the bottom.
It is flexible so that it can squeeze the grouting in the cracks, but it is not hard enough to scrape the tiles.
Always grouting on the diagonal so you don\'t accidentally drag the grouting out of the crack.
Apply mud around all corners, tailgates and decorations.
Use a large, soft, wet sponge to wipe excess mud from the countertop.
Do this after you finish the grouting.
Too long to leave this step (
Like overnight, don\'t do this! )
It will solidify the mud, just like concrete.
Work in circles and change water frequently to make sure to rinse the sponge clean.
Your tiles may still look dull, but should make them look more like finished products every time they slide!
Come together!
It\'s really your last chance to make this mud look like it\'s always on your vanity.
If there\'s anything weird, wipe them off now.
Leave a beautiful, neat edge on the top and top of the tailgate where you meet the edges and decorations.
Clean the holes through which the faucet and drain pipe will pass.
Clean up the holes that the overflow and sink will place.
Again, follow the instructions on the mud label and dry overnight.
You want to dry gradually so that the mud will not break and will not be separated anywhere, so often using the water spray in the spray pot can make it forever --so-slowly dry out.
After being completely dry (
No cracks, yeah! )
Seal grouting with. . . grout sealer.
This is a clear, runny liquid I applied with a thin brush.
I think if you have a large surface to cover, you may be able to wipe the excess surface clean with a sponge, but I apply it with a brush.
That\'s it, I know I didn\'t miss any corner.
We were very excited to see it come together at this point!
If you go so far, you can get this beautiful sink to the bathroom and install it!
Let\'s bring the dresser in first, then the countertop.
If you have half a handy friend, it\'s all in your hands.
Don\'t be intimidated!
The sink is individually secured in place by its own weight and pipe.
Drainage pipes (the elbow)
Come in from behind (
Again, vanity is gone)
Connecting the supply line to the new tap is fairly simple, especially if you are the one who undid the old sink.
We used four small \"l\" brackets from hardware store to attach the countertop to the dresser.
I\'m sure there are many other configurations that will work as well.
Vanity came out independently from the wall;
The only way it connects is the pipe.
We sewed around the edge of the sink to make it look more neat.
It tidied up where we didn\'t cut and stuck a tile.
We really like the outcome of it and I don\'t think we will make any difference.
This photo is not shown, but we have placed a small piece of decoration along the top of the tailgate.
We didn\'t have enough space to tile it, but we did make a tight trim and clip it there, very nice and neat.
We painted it as blue as vanity.
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