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Integrated bathroom decoration requirements Keyi integrated bathroom cabinets can not be missed

by:KingKonree     2021-10-25
Renovation requirements for integrated bathroom Keyi integrated bathroom cabinets should not miss this time I will tell you about the decoration requirements and specifications of integrated bathroom. The decoration of integrated bathroom is very particular. And before the decoration, you must carefully consider the direction of the decoration and the specifications of the decoration design. So do you want to know what are the decoration requirements for integrated bathroom? Let the designer of Suzhou Keyi Residential Equipment Co., Ltd. tell you about it. The specific content is as follows: 1. Exhaust fan installation details The exhaust fan should be carefully installed when installing, because the exhaust fan can help keep the bathroom away Moisture is troublesome, so install the exhaust fan to be careful to install the retrograde gate to prevent the humid and dirty air from flowing back. 2. Details of the ceiling device When installing the ceiling keel, please pay attention to the flatness. The distance deviation of the keel should be controlled within the allowable range of 1.5 meters. The keel device should be inserted in order. The keel, boom and connector should be in the correct position, if there is a suspension. For the load-bearing parts, the horizontal secondary keel shall be added, and the distance between the boom and the end of the main keel shall not exceed 300mm. Large lamps, exhaust fans, etc. should be fixed by keel separately. 3. Details of door and window installations. The doors and windows of the bathroom must be carefully installed when they are installed. Other reminders should be filled with caulk at the joints of the countertop and the washbasin to prevent water from seeping out. 5. The details of the toilet device The traditional toilet device is filled with cement mortar to fix the toilet on the ground. This method has a big defect, that is, once the toilet needs to be reinstalled or the pipeline is severely blocked, the toilet has to be knocked out. To prevent this situation, it is more suitable to adopt dry construction method, which is to install by pre-embedded nylon wall bolts and set the toilet device hole. The above are the requirements for the decoration of the integrated bathroom. I hope I can help you. If you want to learn more about relevant knowledge content, please pay attention to Suzhou Keyi Residential Equipment Co., Ltd. (
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