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Intelligent products appeared at the International Sanitary Ware Exhibition

by:KingKonree     2021-05-13

The bathtub made of new materials is warm at your fingertips; the touch screen is made into a vanity mirror, which makes it more interesting to dress up while listening to music; the steam bath room is equipped with Bluetooth, and you can answer the phone while steaming in the sauna... At the 17th China Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition, humanized and intelligent products have become the highlight of many companies to deal with the domestic real estate market regulation and the poor domestic and foreign economic situation in Europe.

The reporter saw in the booth of a Japanese company that its newly launched bathtub uses special acrylic material, which is not only soft to the touch, not easy to hurt, but also has a thermal insulation effect. Especially good, once hot water is introduced, the inner and outer walls will become warm. Domestic companies also have many new products. Many of Apollo's products use intelligent technology. Its smart bathtub uses touch and temperature control technology. The LED lights and running water in the tank will flow up and down with the music.

A certain internet celebrity who “smashed” at the Beijing Auto Show once again appeared at the Shanghai Sanitary Ware Show in an “outstanding” dress yesterday. His participation status was a guest signing for a Guangdong sanitary ware manufacturer. In some booths of the Sanitary Ware Exhibition, there are also some cool bath models on the show.

When the Internet celebrity 'out-of-place' appeared on the exhibition site yesterday and demonstrated bathing, it attracted many visitors to the bathroom exhibition to take pictures. When these photos went viral on the Internet, they also attracted bad comments from many netizens for their over-exposure. However, the manufacturer of the sanitary ware manufacturer is responsible for saying that the company is looking for a 'popular queen' to help out in order to boost the brand's influence in the country.

However, this statement has been criticized by more netizens for their marketing methods. Some netizens bluntly said, 'The brand is known, but the reputation is gone.'

Gong Weigang, executive vice president of the Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Industry Association, said that when using marketing methods such as celebrity endorsements, businesses must grasp the on-site standards to avoid negative impacts. Gong Weigang believes that if the scale is too large, the exhibition organizer should also give appropriate reminders for live performances such as 'cooling bath model'.

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