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Interpretation: the development trend of sanitary ware products

by:KingKonree     2021-05-09

Sanitary wares tend to be furniture-oriented

Recently, many new sanitary ware products with novel shapes have been introduced to the market one after another. Multifunctional wash basins, beautiful and practical bathroom cabinets and toilets with more aesthetic styles are also becoming more and more popular. Become a hot spot sought after by consumers.

The rise of new materials for sanitary ware

Ceramic products no longer dominate the bathroom world, stone, glass, wood and other materials have become substitutes for ceramic products. As a result, porcelain glazed tiles will gradually replace traditional clay tiles, with ever-changing colors; wooden bathtubs will make petty bourgeois hearts bewitched; glass mosaics are popular in bathrooms. The appearance of these new materials will better reflect their design heritage.

Healthy and environmentally friendly sanitary ware is favored

Interpretation: the development trend of sanitary ware products

Health and water saving are the sanitary ware revolution for many years A theme. In the building materials market, we often see that major sanitary ware brands play such slogans. From bathtubs to toilets, to urinals, all parts and places that can prevent bacteria, pollution, and save water are undergoing technological changes. It is believed that such products can better cater to the psychology of consumers, and sanitary products with both antibacterial and water-saving functions will be more outstanding. Take the faucet, stainless steel will gradually replace copper, which is mainly for environmental protection and health.

Minimalist sanitary ware prevails

Simple is equal to convenience. This minimalist trend caters to the psychology of many young people, so sanitary ware has become direct and '* *simple'. The sink no longer blindly pursues the luxury of marble countertops; the toilet is no longer bulky and bulky; more and more rational consumers will not ignore the area of u200bu200btheir own bathroom, but install a large bathtub or shower room with full style , The minimalist style became popular.

Intelligent sanitary products

Technology is advancing, and sanitary products are constantly integrating more and more technological content. Intelligent temperature-adjustable bathtubs, intelligent flushing toilets... and other products have appeared on the market, undoubtedly bringing more comfortable bathroom and new enjoyment to consumers. Rename

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