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Introduction of bathroom ceramic countertops and cleaning and maintenance methods

by:KingKonree     2021-04-28

The ceramic countertop of the bathroom is the central part of the washing area. It is in direct contact with water stains, stains, etc., so it is also the easiest to get dirty. If you are usually lazy, it is estimated that a lot of dirt has accumulated on the countertops and basins. So be sure to clean up in time.

Cleaning and maintenance of bathroom ceramic countertops

Countertop: wipe off the dirt with a damp cloth, and then dry the countertop with a dry cloth , In order to prevent stains from penetrating into the countertop; for scratches, you can ask professional maintenance personnel to polish and polish, or you can use special water sandpaper to polish; when there are cracks, generally use stone glue to bond first, and then polish. Pay attention to daily maintenance. When placing items, handle with care, do not drag, and put heat insulation pads; keep the countertop clean at all times and wipe off the dirt with a damp cloth in time; after using the artificial stone countertop for two or three months, first use a rag to wipe the surface Wipe it clean, then wipe the countertop with a sponge dipped in floor wax, let it dry for five to ten minutes, and then wax it again.

Washbasin: The cleaning and maintenance of ceramic washbasins is relatively simple. Just use a rag to moisten it and add a detergent to clean it. Be careful not to wipe it with a strong friction cloth. Daily dust, sand, etc. should be removed in time to prevent abrasion of the surface. When scratches appear on the surface of the ceramic basin, you can apply a little toothpaste on the scratched area, wipe it repeatedly with a soft cloth, and then wax.

Toilet ceramic countertop size

Countertop height: Generally speaking, as long as the width of the countertop is greater than 52 cm, it should be 560~600cm. The length is greater than 80cm and the height is 850; the room for choosing a basin is very large. The width of the mirror surface of the basin should be the same as the length of the countertop, and the distance between the bottom edge of the mirror and the countertop should be 200.

The height of the washbasin: Although the height of the washbasin is not very noticeable, it is a problem that cannot be ignored. Too high a washbasin will make it inconvenient to use, and too low will make it easy for people to stand. I have a sore waist and back pain, and water splashes everywhere. Especially for wall-mounted washbasins, users must pay attention to the height of the washbasin. Under normal circumstances, the owner has no special requirements for the height of the washbasin, so the height of the pool or countertop must be kept at the height of the washbasin during installation. Between 80~85cm.

The characteristics of bathroom ceramic countertops

1. Super chemical resistance: ceramic countertops can resist at any temperature In addition to hydrofluoric acid, any strong acids, alkalis and organic solvents corrode.

2. High temperature resistance of 1550℃, no fear of open flame: The ceramic countertop is in contact with high temperature of 1550℃ for a long time, and the surface is inadvertently open flame, non-flammable, non-foaming, and non-cracking.

3. The surface is hard, scratch-resistant, and strong impact resistance: The surface of the ceramic countertop is hard and strong, resistant to abrasion. In the impact resistance test performance. Effectively make up for the non-wearing defects of other laboratory benchtops.

4. Anti-aging, firm color and no discoloration: Ceramic countertops can resist various damages caused by ultraviolet radiation, with firm color, no discoloration, no aging, always beautiful, and extremely long service life.

5. Excellent insulation performance: The ceramic mesa is non-conductive, has strong insulation performance, and has no catalyst effect.

6. Good flatness, no deformation, convenient for tabletop splicing: The flatness of the ceramic tabletop is equal to that of the glass, which effectively avoids the trouble caused by the uneven surface during the processing and installation of the product.

In addition to being used in room decoration, ceramic countertops are also one of the laboratory countertops with the best corrosion resistance today, so this It is a high-quality countertop product of very high quality.

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