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Introduction to tatami platform knowledge

by:KingKonree     2021-04-18

   The so-called tatami mats are similar in style, feel, and size to Chinese woven straw single mats. Tatami mats are placed on the floor, which is a tatami floor where Japanese-style decoration prevails. How much do you know about the tatami platform? Next, we will introduce you to the tatami platform.

  Tatami platform knowledge introduction

  Purchase knowledge:

  1. Smell: Because the materials of the platform are mostly shallow It is made of natural materials such as colored solid wood, bamboo branches, straw mat noodles, etc. You just need to smell it carefully to see if it is environmentally friendly. Some painted platforms should pay more attention to environmental protection issues. They feel very smooth when touched by hand, indicating that the paint is well done. It is best to seal the space with tools when smelling, so that you can get the correct results. .

  2. Touch the surface: Whether the floor is durable, but also touch whether the surface is smooth, if it feels a bit rough, it will be easily worn and reduce the product's service life.

  3. Look at the material: The material is generally made of light-colored solid wood, bamboo branches, straw mats and other natural materials. There are also some low-end products that use MDF, which feels like solid wood and is easy to make people. Misunderstanding; the best material is solid wood, which is environmentally friendly and load-bearing, and the service life will be longer.

Most of the functions of the    platform are used for storage, divided into box platform and ordinary platform. If there is already a floor, it is recommended to put a bracket on the floor so that it will not damage the floor of the home.

  The tatami floor is generally 35-50 cm, which can be determined according to the specific conditions and preferences of consumers. However, if a lift is installed, it should be at least 35 cm.

The shape of the    platform is determined according to the spatial shape, all of which are customized and there is no fixed specification.

   Floors are generally customized for processing companies. Because of the uniqueness of space, brand companies cannot achieve personalized customization, so few companies will make floor products. The price is also calculated based on the area, currently on the market are 100-200 yuan / meter.


  1. Please wipe carefully with a dry cloth along the tatami before use.

  2. Keep dry and ventilated plant products that can purify indoor air.

  3. When the sunny weather lasts for 2-3 days, please open the windows to let fresh air into the room, and keep it clean regularly. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean it.

  4. Raise the tatami mats from time to time and blow the air to get better results.

   5. Don't let direct sunlight for too long, otherwise it will easily cause tatami mats to fade.

  Tatami floor cleaning:

  1, generally use a vacuum cleaner first, then wipe it again with a slightly damp cloth, and then dry it. Put some camphor wood chips in the corners, and take out the tatami mats and blow them in the shade for an hour when the weather is good.

  2. Because they are all made of wood, they cannot be wiped with a cloth that is too wet. The tatami mats should be aired regularly to prevent mites.

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