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Introduction to the standard value of cabinet guide table size

by:KingKonree     2021-04-14

   The decoration design of the cabinets in the kitchen not only affects the beauty of the entire interior, but also affects the comfort. In some kitchens, you will feel backache after entering it for a while, which shows that its design size is unreasonable. Next, we briefly introduce the size of the cabinet guide table.

Introduction to the standard value of   cabinet guide table size

  Different types of cabinets have different guide table sizes. Generally, the upper suction type requires a distance The stove surface is between 65 and 75 cm. If it is a side row type, the best size is 30 cm from the stove surface. Different brands have different sizes.

   In addition to the above dimensions, we also need to understand other standard values u200bu200bof cabinet guide dimensions. Consumables and cost should also be considered when designing the guide table. Generally, the width of the guide table is designed to be within 1.2 meters. If it exceeds 1.2 meters, the consumables are used. In this case, the cost will increase, which is not cost-effective. The length is generally about 1.9 meters, and the height is preferably 0.8 meters. For the open cabinet door, the largest size should not exceed 60 cm, and the smallest size should not exceed 20 cm.

   The above is the introduction to the standard value of the cabinet guide table size, I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

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