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Is it good to use marble for cabinet countertops? How about using marble for cabinet countertops?

by:KingKonree     2021-04-15

Marble countertops are a relatively mainstream countertop product, so what should be paid attention to for countertops made of this material for cabinets? Let's study it together.

Advantages of marble countertops

1. Nowadays, many people in home decoration like pastoral style, living in one room. Naturally, this is not only reflected in the decoration style, but also in the selection of materials. Like natural marble, it has always been a natural stone that people love. When people buy marble countertops, they already have a very beautiful marble countertop texture in their hearts. Marble has been baptized by wind and rain in nature, its texture is natural and natural, and its color varieties are also very many, from black to pink, to pure white, rich in colors, which can meet various decoration needs and integrate into different decoration styles. Go in.

2. The marble countertop feels a bit hard and cold. You can see from the picture that its texture is very hard. If you touch it with your hands, it will feel very smooth and hard. The touch. In fact, the durability of marble countertops is beyond people's imagination. It itself is a very old building material. Even in nature, it has a very long life after wind and sun. It is moved indoors as a kind of stone. With people's careful maintenance, life expectancy will be longer. If you use marble for countertops during decoration, you may not have to consider replacing countertops in the next few decades.

Specifications of marble countertops

The specifications and dimensions of marble slabs are allowed to have certain deviations, flatness, and angles. Tolerance, and marble slabs can be divided into three grades: high-quality, first-class, and qualified. The rules for marble slabs should be divided into shapes. For square marble slabs, the commonly used specifications are 400-600 mm, while the small ones can reach 300 mm, the large ones can have 800-900 mm, but the large-sized marble slabs It is relatively rare, and the marble slab used in the step board is about 1500 mm, while the narrower kick is smaller.

And the specifications of the marble slab can also be cut according to different needs, so it can be analyzed in specific situations like this, and the price of the marble slab depends on the purchase Natural marble slabs are still artificial marble slabs. For these two types, natural marble slabs are more expensive than artificial marble slabs, and marble slabs are graded, so the better the grade. The price of the board is higher.

How to choose marble countertops

Color: If you want to show the contrast of black and white space, you can use white stone It expresses cleanliness and texture; while black or dark-colored stone can be used on the entrance floor, using the texture of the stone to express the sense of hierarchy, and the white stone on the facade is additionally matched to give the taste of black and white contrast. Also in the porch space, dark stone can be used to connect the floor and the facade, presenting a sense of space.

Special color/texture: Special color stone can make the home space more variability. Choose the red summer wood tree stone and use it on the back wall of the sofa in the living room. The front and back scenery can be used to create space features. In addition, , You can also choose jade-like green stones to be used on the entrance floor, to show the spatial tension through the feeling of marble against the grain.

Finally, if you want the space to be bright and high-quality, it will be reflected in the price, and higher costs will be required, so it must be measured Budget and texture, choose suitable stone and application area from them.

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