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Is it necessary to install a mirror cabinet on the sink? Precautions for installing a mirror cabinet

by:KingKonree     2021-04-12

  Usually small apartment owners will choose to use mirror cabinet design when decorating the bathroom, which they think is more convenient for storage. There are also small-sized owners who don't like to install mirror cabinets because they think it is inconvenient to use and easy to meet. So, is it necessary to install a mirror cabinet on the sink? Next, the editor of Mei Tawu will talk to you about whether it is necessary to install a mirror cabinet on the sink? Let’s take a look at the relevant content of the precautions for installing the mirror cabinet!

  1. Is it necessary to install a mirror cabinet on the sink?

  1. Advantages of installing a mirror cabinet:

   1) Can expand the space for storage: For small apartments, the installation of mirror cabinets can be said to be a storage savior. In the case of small bathroom space, we can make full use of the mirror cabinet to store all kinds of toiletries to make the washbasin more tidy and no longer messy.

   2) Avoid breaking the toiletries: Store all kinds of small items in the mirror cabinet. When we wash daily, we don't have to worry about these items being swept to the ground and broken.

  2. Disadvantages of installing mirror cabinets:

  1) Closed and smelly: Because the bathroom will be very humid, and the installed mirror cabinet is in a long-term closed state, and there is no air circulation inside. , It is easy to produce peculiar smell, and even the items placed in the mirror cabinet will also have some peculiar smell.

  2) Trouble opening and closing the door of the mirror cabinet: If we put items in the mirror cabinet, then we need to open the mirror cabinet door every time we use it, and it is very troublesome to open and close the cabinet door repeatedly.

  3) It’s easy to knock the corners of the cabinet: Normally, we will install the mirror above the sink, so this makes the mirror cabinet the same, and the mirror cabinet has a protruding shape. Will accidentally meet, there are some safety risks.

  4) The mirror cabinet is troublesome to clean: because the mirror cabinet is located in the upper space, it is too much to clean, and the upper and corners of the mirror cabinet are easy to accumulate dust, and it is even more difficult to clean.

   2. Points for attention when installing the mirror cabinet:

  1) Do not choose a mirror cabinet that is too thick: Since the mirror cabinet is installed above the wash table, it is easy to touch your head when washing, so, When choosing a mirror cabinet, we need to choose a thinner mirror cabinet, such as 15-20 cm thick.

  2) Open shelf mirror cabinet: For some owners who feel that the door of the mirror cabinet is inconvenient to open and close, it would be better to choose a mirror cabinet with an open shelf Commonly used items are placed on the shelf for easy access, while those not commonly used items can be placed in the mirror cabinet.

  3) Mirror hidden in the mirror cabinet: Some owners may be very particular about feng shui. The mirror should not face the bathroom door. At this time, we can choose to hide the mirror in the mirror cabinet. .

  4) Pay attention to lighting: Before installing the mirror cabinet, we need to consider the distance between the mirror cabinet mirror and the human face, and pay attention to the lighting of the bathroom to ensure that the mirror can clearly illuminate the person.

  Is it necessary to install a mirror cabinet on the sink? All the precautions for installing a mirror cabinet. I hope to help you. If you want to know more sanitary ware information, please log on to the official website of Meidahwu Related information.

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