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Is it troublesome to repair artificial marble countertops?

by:KingKonree     2021-05-03

One of the advantages of    artificial marble countertops is that they can be repaired after being scratched or damaged. Today we will talk about artificial marble countertop repair methods.

  Artificial stone countertops 'be bullying the soft and afraid of the hard'

   Artificial stone countertops found cracks difficult to remedy, the most important thing is to understand the artificial stone Characteristics, prolong the service life of artificial stone countertops, maintenance is the key.

   It is understood that the mainstream artificial stone countertops currently on the market are mainly divided into three types: artificial quartz stone countertops, pure acrylic countertops and composite acrylic countertops. According to a reporter's investigation, among the above three countertops, the former are often referred to as quartz countertops by sales staff, while the latter two are often referred to as artificial stone countertops. Among the above countertops, there is a big difference in product performance.

  Artificial marble repair technique

  Water sandpaper to treat small wear marks

   If you are not careful when cooking in the kitchen, it will form on the artificial stone countertop In order to avoid unsightly scratches, if the scratch formation time is relatively short, you can use 600 mesh, 1200 mesh, 2400 mesh water sandpaper to polish one by one according to the depth of the knife mark.

   First pour the low-grain water sandpaper on the glass and place it flat on the glass. Be careful not to pour too much water. Then hold the sandpaper and gently grind it back and forth along the countertop of the cabinet; then you can choose the number of meshes. Polish the countertop with higher water sandpaper, and then treat it again with a scouring pad. Finally, use grinding and polishing ointment for further brightening treatment. If you find that the surface of the countertop has abrasion marks, long or deep scratches, it is best to ask the cabinet manufacturer to repair the countertop.

  Find the cause of the surface cracks

   The after-sales staff of Filinger cabinets said that many cabinet factories or repair shops used to It saves time. When repairing, only the surface cracks are considered, but it does not consider whether the cracks are caused by the pads and pads under the countertop. In this case, fractures will occur in the future. Therefore, when repairing, consumers must first check whether there is a problem with the support of the countertop cabinet. If a problem is found, first reinforce the pad and the cabinet, and then perform other repair work.

  Repair in time to avoid partial decay of the cabinet

   Don’t drag it for a long time if it is found to be broken. If the water flows down to the cabinet board or backing board at the crack, it will cause a long time of soaking. The cabinet is partially rotted. In this way, the support for the countertop is not good, and germs or insects will grow for a long time. Repair in time and seal the glue to prevent the cabinet from getting damp, thereby prolonging the service life of the cabinet.

   After reading the above introduction, do you already know the repair of artificial marble? Hope this will help you in your life.

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