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Is the artificial stone cabinet countertop good? How about the artificial stone cabinet countertop

by:KingKonree     2021-05-01

   There are many materials for cabinet countertops, and artificial stone cabinet countertops are one of them. So, is the artificial stone cabinet countertop good? How should the artificial stone cabinet countertop be maintained in daily life? What is the price of the artificial stone cabinet countertop Well, let's take a look at the related situation of artificial stone cabinet countertops together.

  How about artificial stone cabinet countertops?

  (1), the advantages of good processability:

   Forming the countertop of the kitchen and bathroom, in terms of beauty, artificial stone cannot be replaced. It can be bonded with the same quality and color, and the workability is almost integrated, which is not available in materials such as natural marble and quartz stone.

   The practicality of anti-permeability: artificial stone is also known as a polymer material, which has cabinet corrosion , The anti-permeability performance is more suitable for cabinet countertops, and it is not unreasonable to be favored. (It is precisely the defect of natural marble).

   There is no worry about radiation: Compared with natural marble and artificial stone, there is no radiation, and there is no adverse effect on the human body.

  The color is bright and rich: the color is rich and changeable, and the choice is large, which is conducive to the combination of designers and meets the individual needs

   (2), Disadvantages:

   is not resistant to bracing: artificial stone of any material, with a Barcol hardness between 58 and 62, cannot withstand sharp objects such as metals. (It can be re-polished and refurbished)

  How to maintain the artificial stone cabinet countertop

  1. The artificial stone cabinet countertop cannot be cooked and fresh out If the soup in the pot is kept on the counter for a long time, a rag or electronic insulation can be used. Under high temperature conditions, artificial stone countertops may crack.

  2, when cutting vegetables, you should put a cutting board on it, and avoid directly scratching the surface with sharp objects. Because the artificial stone countertop has low hardness, it is easy to be scratched, and after scratching, it directly affects the beauty of the countertop.

  3. Adhere to clean, polish the scratched area with water sandpaper.

  4. Prevent heavy objects from being unevenly pressed for a long time and avoid deformation and fracture.

   5. Prevent strong acids and alkalis from contacting the countertop to avoid discoloration.

  The price of stone cabinet countertops

  The price of artificial stone countertops is not a fixed type, and occasionally it is supplied with economic development and social demand. , The price will fluctuate accordingly. As far as the kitchen artificial stone countertop is concerned, the local market price is the first thing to look at, and then the price-performance ratio of the artificial stone countertop. Always check a few more, and then decide to buy according to the quality and price. So, what is the price of general artificial stone countertops? As far as the current market is concerned, the price of general kitchen artificial stone countertops ranges from 300 yuan to 1,000 yuan, and there are even artificial stone countertops that are higher than 1,000 yuan. Yes, it depends on your own purchase needs.

  The price changes every day. It is not a fixed pattern. If you want to understand the latest trends in the price of kitchen artificial stone countertops, you need to frequently search the Internet or often go to the building materials market. The core grasps the price trend direction, which has great advantages for future and even current choices. Some of the prices of kitchen artificial stone countertops are sold in an overall way, and some are sold according to the area of u200bu200bthe countertop. If it is calculated according to the area, the price of kitchen artificial stone countertops is almost 250 yuan per meter, or 100 The price range from RMB to RMB 1,000, the key depends on which one you need!


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