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Is the composite acrylic countertop good? How about the composite acrylic countertop

by:KingKonree     2021-04-24

  The composite acrylic countertop is one of the acrylic countertops, so how good is the composite acrylic countertop? What are the properties of the composite acrylic countertop? What is the price of the composite acrylic countertop? Let's take a look at the composite acrylic countertop. The relevant situation.

   Is the composite acrylic countertop good? How about the composite acrylic countertop?

   There are two types of acrylic countertops in the current market, one is pure acrylic countertops and the other It is a composite acrylic countertop. The composite acrylic countertop is modified with high-quality unsaturated resin and MMA, and the artificial stone produced with ultrafine aluminum hydroxide as the filler is the composite acrylic artificial stone. The confluence aluminum hydroxide filler is vacuum cast. The stone has good toughness and can withstand large temperature differences without cracking.

  1 Composite acrylic is a solid surface material, non-porous, impermeable, good toughness, and yellowing resistance;

  2 Absolutely environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-radiation, and can be in direct contact with food Cabinet countertops;

  3 has strong resistance to water, oil, dirt, and bacteria, and is easy to clean.

  Composite acrylic countertop performance

   Very strong flame retardancy

   Now the composite acrylic countertop has made great progress in terms of fire protection , More and more people will pay attention to the flame retardancy of composite acrylic countertops, which not only reduces the chance of burning fire around us, but now more and more people are choosing composite acrylic countertops for use. Our composite acrylic countertops can be used in places where the fire protection level is relatively high. We hope that through the use of composite acrylic countertops, our current decorations can become more relaxed and simple.

  Good environmental performance

   Many people in the decoration of people now pay special attention to our health and environmental protection. In fact, composite acrylic countertops are already It has a very good effect in this regard. The composite acrylic countertops are made of environmentally friendly high-quality minerals as raw materials. During the entire use process, our composite acrylic countertops have brought a better environmental protection to our lives. Materials make our lives more beautiful and healthy.

  composite acrylic countertop price

  composite acrylic is mixed with some artificial stone ingredients in the material, and it is between the resin material and the acrylic material. So it is also called artificial stone composite acrylic. The composite acrylic cabinet countertop adopts the pure acrylic production method, but the difference is that the resin is added as the ingredient, which has better flexibility and high strength, and the price of the acrylic cabinet countertop produced by this method is also Relatively moderate, suitable for consumers' demand for home decoration.

The market price of    composite acrylic cabinet countertops is around 700 yuan per meter to 1,000 yuan per meter. This price is for reference only.

   In terms of the price of acrylic cabinet countertops, in addition to the different prices caused by the two materials, the prices of the brands are also different.

  The composite acrylic countertop is one of the acrylic countertops, so is the composite acrylic countertop good? The composite acrylic countertop is a solid surface material, with no voids, good toughness, and non-toxic and harmless, clean It is also relatively easy to get up. It is a very popular countertop product in the market. The price of composite acrylic countertops is relatively affordable. For example, the price of cheaper composite acrylic countertops is around several hundred yuan.

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