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Is the quartz countertop good? How about the quartz countertop

by:KingKonree     2021-04-11

   In many home kitchens nowadays, quartz stone countertops are used, so how are quartz stone countertops good? What is the price of quartz stone countertops? How should we choose quartz stone countertops? Let's take a look together. The relevant situation of quartz stone countertops.

  How about quartz countertops? How about quartz countertops

  It doesn’t take much to scratch

   As we all know, cabinet countertops are more complicated Many, it is inevitable that there will be scratches in daily life. If the cabinet countertops are scratched, the aesthetics will also be affected. Quartz stone countertops have relatively high hardness and are not easy to be scratched.

  no pollution

  Quartz stone countertops are produced under vacuum, so their density is relatively high. The water absorption rate is relatively small, which can effectively resist the corrosion of acid and alkali substances.

  Quartz stone has better stability

  Strong acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance: This product can resist the corrosion of concentrated sulfuric acid and strong alkali, not to mention the kitchen environment !

  Quartz stone countertop price

   First of all, I would recommend a modern fashion style moisture-proof quartz stone countertop, the price of this quartz stone countertop Is positioned at RMB 1,200. This price will be adjusted according to the size of your kitchen countertop. This countertop is resistant to high temperatures, has a smooth surface, high hardness, moisture-proof, wear-resistant, anti-corrosion, and stylish and generous. The price of this countertop is not too expensive, it is about 100 yuan lower than the countertop of the same type, and the price is very good.

  The next one to recommend is Korean pastoral style quartz stone countertops. The price of this quartz stone countertop is positioned at 1,500 yuan. It is a very popular Korean style quartz countertop. Using high-quality density board as the substrate, the surface has undergone a seamless compression forming process in a vacuum, without edge sealing, and it is environmentally friendly. The entire countertop looks very layered and three-dimensional, about 120 yuan cheaper than the price of the same model.

How to choose   quartz stone countertops

  1. The quartz stone with good weight is produced by the high pressure press, and the quartz stone with poor weight is produced by casting a heavy press The pressed plate has a higher density, so the quartz stone of the same size will be heavier. The quartz stone content also ranges from 80% to 94%. The higher the quartz content, the better the quality of the quartz stone countertops.

   2. The thickness of quartz stone for cabinet countertops is 1.2 cm and 1.5 cm. Because the hardness of quartz stone is high but it is more brittle than artificial stone, it is recommended to use 15 cm thick quartz stone, but many manufacturers actually The real plates produced by the edge ball are only 14% or even 13.5%. Responsible manufacturers will not save this 1%. Therefore, it is recommended not to buy quartz stone countertops that do not really reach 15%.

  3. Hard objects such as keys are scratched with quartz stone. The main component is quartz sand. Quartz sand is also silicon dioxide. The hardness in nature is basically second only to diamonds. If it is a real good quartz stone, there will only be a line after scraping with a key, which is even less obvious after scrubbing. Quartz stone countertops containing calcium powder and other inferior materials will have marks and white powder after being scratched with a key.

  4. Soy sauce tested on quartz stone countertops soy sauce will not bleed for a few days. Inferior quartz stone countertops bleed in one day.


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